Cleveland Cavaliers Trade Rumors: Big News About 2018 Brooklyn Nets Pick

Harry HowGetty Images

Cleveland Cavaliers trade rumors present some very interesting news. A number of recent NBA trade rumors had suggested that the Cavs didn’t want to deal the 2018 Brooklyn Nets first-round pick that they acquired in the Kyrie Irving trade. A new report by states that the Cavs are definitely willing to deal the pick, revealing that there could be an interesting move coming before the 2018 NBA trade deadline.

This is where things get even more intriguing, as it doesn’t guarantee that the Cavs are willing to make a deal with the Los Angeles Clippers for just DeAndre Jordan. This could be some posturing by the front office in Cleveland for a better return package, but the Nets’ pick may not be available for a short-term option like Jordan. That raises some scenarios about other big men who might be available around the league.

Prior NBA trade rumors had seemed to indicate that the Cavs were trying to protect that valuable first-round pick in case LeBron James decides to leave during free agency. This new story from Terry Pluto addresses the Cleveland Cavaliers trade rumors and confirms the team is willing to deal the 2018 Brooklyn Nets first-round pick. It will just take the right deal to get it done. But what is the right deal for a team that has to deal with another Kevin Love injury?

The new report sheds a lot of additional light on the situation, with information from the ground in Cleveland. Rather than conjecture from around the league, Terry Pluto has presented some specifics about what the team is looking to accomplish before the NBA trade deadline on February 8.

“The Cavs would trade the pick for the right to a younger player who is under team control for a few years. But they are willing to deal their own first-round pick in 2018 for the right short-term fix. The Cavs should wait on Jordan and build a package with Iman Shumpert and the Cavs first-round pick. Channing Frye combined with Shumpert would make the deal work on the salary cap, but I’d hate to see Frye leave. The Cavs should not bid against themselves for Jordan by making a rash offer.”

So what would a rash offer be in this situation? It would be the Cleveland Cavaliers trading for DeAndre Jordan, only to have the All-Star center opt out of his current contract and become a free agent. That would leave the Cavs in a vulnerable position, especially if LeBron James heads into free agency. If the team could get a commitment from Jordan to accept that player option for the 2018-19 NBA season, it might change everything. Maybe James would then commit as well.