Greg Oden Plans Return To NBA Next Season After Losing Three Seasons To Injury

Greg Oden wants to return to the NBA next season after spending three years sidelined by injuries and a number of surgeries on both of his knees.

The 7-footer came in to the NBA with more hype than any other player in a generation thanks to a dominant high school career and injury-filled but effective season at Ohio State. But he could be rusty after spending 1,132 days away from the game, Yahoo! Sports notes.

But if Greg Oden does return, he could have the interest of at least a few teams.’s Brian Windhorst and Marc Stein said that at least a few NBA teams would be interested to see what Oden could do, including the Miami Heat. It could be a good fit, especially given the Heat’s lack of size on the interior and need for a big defender.

Though he now holds the status of one of the biggest busts for a No. 1 draft pick in years — especially given the career of No. 2 that year, Kevin Durant — Oden did play well for the Portland Trail Blazers when he was healthy, TrueHoop’s Henry Abbott notes:

“Despite some awkward moments, he made the Blazers vastly better. His amazing size was only part of the story. He also brings plenty of skill to the court. His scoring was efficient, his blocks were numerous and his rebounding was some of the best in NBA history for a player so young.”

There is another favorable comparison if Greg Oden should return — Bill Walton. The former Trail Blazers great was once considered a bust after injuries wiped out his first few seasons, but Walton was able to make a comeback and become an NBA Hall of Famer.