Queen Elizabeth To Reportedly Abdicate At 95, UK Wants Prince William Over Charles To Be King

Dominic Lipinski-WPA PoolGetty Images

This year marks the 65th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth’s coronation, and the monarch recently proved that she could break from tradition whenever she feels like it. For the very first time, she spoke about her memories of June 2, 1953, when she officially became the Queen of England, and the 91-year-old showed just how sharp and witty she still is.

The reigning monarch talked about her “horrible” ride in the gold stagecoach to Westminster Abbey, saying “it’s not meant for traveling at all.” And, as she held the five-pound crown she wore that day, she remarked that it is still just as heavy as it has always been.

She added that there are some disadvantages to crowns, but they are important things. Could the queen be reminiscing about her coronation because she is preparing to step down from the throne?

Elizabeth To Abdicate At 95 Claims Author

Closer Weekly is reporting that Robert Jobson, author of The Future Royal Family, claims that Queen Elizabeth will step aside at the age of 95 by using the Regency Act, which allows Prince Charles “to take over in all but name.” Even though a recent poll showed that the majority of the UK would rather have William be King instead of Charles, it will be the Queen’s son who takes over for her.

She wants the transition to be seamless and feels that this is the best way to go about it. Stepping aside and taking a break is clearly on her mind – especially since Prince Philip recently retired – and the Queen has complete confidence in the younger royal generation, knowing they will step up and be more active in their royal service.

The Queen is in good health, but there have been concerns that she is pushing herself too hard. Every day she reads, signs off on government papers, and meets with diplomats from all over the world. She puts in a lot of work that people don’t see.

She does stay extremely busy, but doctors have advised her not to travel abroad anymore.

Queen Elizabeth Has No Plans To Abdicate…Yet.

Her Majesty has no plans for abdication because when her uncle abdicated in 1936, it nearly ruined the monarchy. Because of that, her life’s work has been about the survival of the monarchy and the success of the Commonwealth. So instead, she will remain Queen in name until she passes, but Prince Charles will likely take on her responsibilities as Prince Regent.

Her Royal Majesty is proud that the monarchy has survived and is more popular than ever. With her grandson, Prince William, happily married to Kate Middleton and a third baby on the way, plus Prince Harry is getting ready to marry Meghan Markle, it’s now time for Queen Elizabeth to enjoy some quiet years in retirement with her husband and family.