‘This Is Us’ Message of Unity

Frederick M. Brown/StringerGetty Images

Sunday night is NBC’s turn to host the big game Super Bowl LII which will be bringing in an estimated 100 million viewers. Super Bowl LII will crown a winner, either the Philadelphia Eagles or the New England Patriots. Many fans will be celebrating or hanging their heads in defeat at the outcome of that game. Fans of This Is Us will also be hanging their heads since Sunday’s episode will hold many tears and feels for loyal viewers of the show.

After last week’s episode “That’ll Be the Day,” fans learned the cause of death of the beloved Jack Pearson played by Milo Ventimiglia. A faulty slow-cooker set the house ablaze and caused the demise of the character. Since the reveal, Crock-Pot has come under fire for shattering the hearts of many of the fans of This Is Us and laying blame and exiling all slow-cookers from their life. Deeming the slow cookers unsafe murderers, in response, Crock-Pot created a Twitter account to defend their product.

Though the reveal was inevitable, the show has dropped hints of how his death occurred going back to season one, fans have been dreading the moment. The episode will air after the Super Bowl on Sunday night, the aptly titled “Super Bowl Sunday” episode will further detail the events leading to Jack’s death. Whoever the winner of the night, This Is Us fans will feel the blunt force trauma of the consequences of the damage done to the Pearson family.

In response to the PR crisis it’s facing, Crock-Pot, with the help of the creators of This Is Us and Milo Ventimiglia have released this special message on each of their respective Twitter accounts including the #CrockPotIsInnocent in an attempt to bring families together and help repair the company’s image.


This is Us viewership has grown from 9 million viewers to 14 million viewers since last week’s episode aired, maybe the show will break a record and bring in some of the 100 million that will be watching the Super Bowl at least I think that’s NBC’s hope.

You can also check out the teaser for the upcoming episode.