‘Vikings’ Season 6: Katheryn Winnick Makes Director Debut, But Will Lagertha Survive Season 5, Part 2?

Joe Scarnici Getty Images

As fans await Vikings Season 5, Part 2, Katheryn Winnick shares behind the scenes footage of her debut as a director for the sixth season. After the explosive Episode 10 concluded the first part of Season 5, fans wonder whether Katheryn Winnick’s Lagertha will survive in the upcoming episodes.

In Episode 10 “Moments of Vision,” Lagertha and her army are forced to retreat and abandon Kattegat after suffering defeat at the hands of Ivar and King Harald’s forces backed by Rollo’s French troops.

A disheveled and white-haired Lagertha is seen in one of the final scenes of the episode after being forced to kill her former lover Astrid during the battle.

When asked by TV Guide whether Lagertha is ready to die, Winnick said in part the following.

“She’s not trying to change fate. If anything, she knows that’s how she’ll go: that one day, a son will kill her. A son of Ragnar will kill Lagertha. But it gives her certain a strength and a certain courage, and she definitely goes into every experience being grateful and kind, but also fearless.”

Following Astrid’s death, King Harald will be equally as motivated as Ivar to kill Lagartha and many fans doubt her chances of making it to Season 6 of Vikings. The Seer prophesied that Bjorn’s mother will be killed by one of Ragnar’s sons.

Vikings Season 6 will likely premiere in 2019 while Season 5, Part 2 will have a release date in November 2018.

An enthusiastic Kathern Winnick showed fans footage of her directorial debut in Vikings Season 6. Many fans will speculate whether her character appears in Season 6, but it is clear that the Vikings star will still be involved even if Queen Lagertha isn’t.

Episode 10 of Season 5 also teases Rollo’s return after his shocking decision to back Ivar and King Harald. Some fans predict that Rollo will use the opportunity to seize Kattegat for himself as he was also jealous of his brother Ragnar.

It is also unclear why Bjorn’s survival was Rollo’s only request in exchange for his French troops. Floki offered himself as a sacrifice for the Iceland community to strive and Alfred the Great begins his kingship.

The fate of many characters hangs in the balance ahead of the Vikings Season 5, Part 2 return.