Jill Duggar’s Family Photo Of Her Sister And Baby Samuel Sparks Fan Debate, Causes Concern About Israel

Jill DillardInstagram

Jill Duggar may not be appearing on Counting On anymore, but the mother of two is still using social media to give fans a window into her life. She’s also spending plenty of time with her family members who have not left the show, as evidenced by a recent picture she snapped of her younger sister, Johannah. However, what some fans really want to see is more photos of Jill’s oldest son, Israel.

The younger Duggars don’t appear on Counting On as often as their older siblings do, so fans of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s big brood mostly rely on social media to keep up with the kids. Because they so rarely see the non-adult Duggars, some fans were shocked at just how grown-up 12-year-old Johannah “Hannie” Duggar looks in one of Jill’s recent Instagram photos.

On Friday, Jill Duggar shared an Instagram photo of her youngest son, Samuel, sitting in Johannah’s lap. The former Counting On star’s followers all seemed to agree that baby Samuel is adorable, but they had differing opinions about which of her older siblings Johannah takes after most.

“He is too cute!! She looks a lot like Jessa to me!” wrote one of Jill’s followers.

“Johannah is so grown up, I think she looks like a mix of Joy-Anna and Jessa,” another commented.

Jill was another pick for Johannah’s Duggar doppelganger, and a few fans remarked that the tween slightly resembles Jinger. However, the most popular suggestions for Johannah’s family look-alikes were Josh Duggar and Joy-Anna Duggar.

“Wow she looks just like Joy at that age!” one fan commented.

“She looks just like Josh,” another wrote.

Now that Jill, Jessa, Jinger, and Joy-Anna have gotten married and moved out of their parents’ house, Johannah is the second-oldest Duggar daughter who still resides there. Jana Duggar, 28, is the only adult daughter who hasn’t left home.

Jill obviously isn’t letting marriage and motherhood keep her too busy to find time to visit her younger siblings; her picture of Johannah and Samuel is proof of this. However, some fans are wondering why it’s been so long since she’s shared any photos of her oldest son, Israel. His absence in his parents’ Instagram photos has some fans worried that something awful has happened to him.

“Where is Israel? Y’all haven’t posted a picture of him in a while….and y’all didn’t take him to Texas with you last week? Hope he’s ok!” wrote one of Jill’s followers.

Jill Duggar hasn’t posted a photo of Israel on Instagram since early January, and neither has Derick Dillard. As pointed out by the concerned commenter above, Israel was also noticeably absent in the photos that Jill shared last week after she, Derick, and Samuel flew to Texas to attend a wedding. The group also visited Jinger Duggar and her husband, Jeremy Vuolo, at their home in Laredo.

Fans can only hope and pray that Jill Duggar or Derick Dillard will eventually let them know that Israel is okay. In the meantime, they can take comfort in knowing that the parents likely would not be posting cute pictures on Instagram if something serious had happened to their oldest son.