Justin Bieber Ex Bodyguard Sues For Assault And Wages

Justin Bieber just can’t stay out of the headlines, it seems. This time it appears he’s turned violent.

Bieber’s former bodyguard sued the pop superstar Thursday for more than $420,000 in overtime and other wages and claims Bieber repeatedly hit him during an October confrontation. Moshe Benabou’s lawsuit claims Bieber berated him and repeatedly punched him in the chest after a disagreement about handling a member of the entourage. The lawsuit claims that after he walked away, Bieber fired him.

Benabou claims he was told that he would not receive overtime despite working 14 to 18 hour days between early 2011 and October 2012. Bieber’s publicist has not replied to an email message he was sent, says FOX News.

Benabou’s attorney, Ilan Heimanson, wrote in a statement:

“For nearly two years Mr. Benabou devoted himself completely to ensuring Mr. Bieber’s personal safety. Mr. Benabou deserved, as does any employee, to be treated with respect, dignity and in accordance with the law. Unfortunately, he was not. “

According to ABC News, Bieber has yet to respond to the allegations even regarding recent photos of him drinking and smoking marijuana, but he tweeted that he is still “growing and learning,” adding:

“I never want to let any of you down.”

Justin Bieber

Of course that didn’t stop 4chan from starting the “cuttingforbieber” campaign on Twitter.

Los Angeles prosecutors declined to file charges against Bieber in October after not having enough evidence that he punched and kicked a photographer outside a movie theater near his home in Calabasas, California, a month earlier.