'Gold Rush': Todd Hoffman's Epiphany, Parker Schnabel's Mad At Rick's Insubordination And Tony's Philosophy

The intrepid Gold Rush gold mining crews are on the last weeks of their season and they are beginning to see the end in sight. For some crews, this isn't a pretty picture, and for one, the rewards are pretty sweet. What happened in the Season 8 episode of Gold Rush entitled "Of Monsters and Men"?

Todd Hoffman is facing a dilemma. Monster Red has only come up with a smattering of gold each day, and Todd now realizes that there is no way that his crew will end up with the 5,000 ounce total that he set as his goal.

At the campfire clean up, Rusty Red came in at 45.7, Monster Red 3.5 ounces and Holy Roller finds 0 ounces. Fans have got to wonder what this season would have been like had Trey been the one fired, and Dave Turin had remained on the Hoffman crew.

Parker Schnabel doesn't believe that his pal Rick Ness is pulling his own weight. Big Red isn't producing the gold they need to make that lofty 5,000 ounces of gold for Season 8 of Gold Rush, and Parker is convinced it is all because of Rick.

Parker claims that if Rick was working at any other job, they would be fired. So, ready to pull the plug, Parker confronts Rick about his work.

Rick contends that there is gold, but it is on the other side of the site, where they have not been mining.

According to Monsters and Critics, after the confrontation, Rick sets up on the other side, where he believes there is more pay. The only trouble is, he doesn't tell Parker he is doing that, and the mercurial miner is furious at Ricks's insubordination.

"I am not real enthused about how it all went down there, but, you know, you do what you have to to find gold. Right? Hopefully, it worked, Rick, that's all I got to say."
Gold Rush fans may notice this communication issue with the Schnabel crew this season. When Rick left town to spend time with his mom, Parker changed things up without telling him. Perhaps the two men have to call it even?
At the end of the week, Big Red weighs in at 356.6 ounces, while Sluicifer comes up with 261.7 ounces. The season total is 4,894. There are smiles and high fives. Could the Schnabel team make it to 6,000 ounces of gold this season?

Tony Beets set up is going high tech. They shut down the dredge to install a cool video monitoring system, using a new set up that includes eight cameras and eight monitors.

Yet, after they barely start up, they quickly shut their operations down as a hydraulic hose bursts. This frustrates Tony, who is counting the financial losses by the second. No need to worry, as Kevin does a bushfix and splices in a new piece of hose, replacing the damaged piece.

The mining season takes up about half of the year, and now Kevin has to take off to visit his girlfriend. In his place, a relief crew is set up to mine while he is gone.

Unfortunately, all sorts of chaos occur as the bearings are shot after a belt is shredded, causing the tailings stacker to get all backed up. What a mess!

Kevin returns to save the day and he fixes the bearings. But, all the while, dad Tony has to lecture his son on his hickeys and his philosophy of manhood.

Now it is time to see how much gold the Beets crew has come up with. Kevin weighs up 90.02 ounces of gold, Monica 112.2 ounces. They have weighed in at 2,700 ounces this season. Wow!