'Celebrity Big Brother' Spoilers: Live Feed Sneak Peek Shows All-Female Alliance Brewing

Celebrity Big Brother spoilers reveal the CBS All Access Live Feeds came live for a few minutes on Friday, February 2, ahead of the premiere next week. If you haven't signed up for the feeds for Big Brother yet, it looks like the network is making it too tempting not to subscribe now. The glimpse into the house offered a look at the 11 houseguests, even though a 12th is rumored to be added to the roster on debut night, and shows an alliance already forming.

Live Feeds Reveal BB House Action

The Big Brother: Celebrity Edition live feeds were up for a scant 15 minutes today, and here's what you missed if you weren't one of the lucky few who happened to be stalking your CBS All Access account. The feeds went live at 5 p.m. Eastern showing Miss Universe runner-up Ariadna Gutiérrez chatting with RHOBH's Brandi Glanville. Everything seemed friendly between the ladies. The feeds also showed some of the guys when they popped up this afternoon.

Fighter Chuck Liddell, NBA star Metta World Peace, and crooner Mark McGrath were in the kitchen discussing the finer points of ultimate fighting and other sports-related small talk. Funny guy Ross Matthews was spotted hanging with James Maslow and former child actor Keshia Knight Pulliam, but there was nothing of interest there. The first two peeks didn't show any game talk, but then the camera switched feeds and caught an alliance in the making.

Ladies' Alliance Forming, But Will It Stick?

Big Brother spoilers have proven time and again that girls' alliances don't always stand the test of time. It's true on BB, Survivor, etc. but perhaps the celebrity ladies can make it work. Actress Shannon Elizabeth and the notorious Omarosa Manigault were chatting in the bathroom when Broadway sensation Marisa Winokur walked in on them, and the talk turned to gameplay. Shannon is a superfan and she and Omarosa were discussing techniques to memorize info for competitions.

When Marisa joined them, talked turned to an alliance and there may have been a deal made. It remains to be seen if these three will stick to any bargain they made, whether they will pull in the other ladies in the house, or if this is an F3 deal. Brandi was called into the Diary Room while the live feeds were open. Keshia and James were spotted cleaning up the house; there are always those houseguests that occupy themselves with chores to fight the boredom.

Feeds Up For Just 15 Minutes, More To Come!

Although the Big Brother: Celebrity Edition live feeds were only up for 15 minutes today, CBS alerted viewers via Twitter to keep their eyes on CBS All Access saying, "it may happen again." Nothing much aside from a potential alliance forming was shown. This sneak peek had the salesy feeling of the message in Christmas Story when Ralphie waited feverishly for his decoder only to get the missive "be sure to drink your Ovaltine." The message here is clear: sign up for live feeds now or miss out!
"If you missed the action in the Celebrity Big Brother house, don't worry! This may happen again."
As of this writing, the flashback function isn't activated, but some tweeted that it was earlier. If you didn't catch a glimpse, no doubt someone will drop it onto YouTube later. For now, check out the video above published today by Big Brother showing pet peeves of the houseguests. Be sure to grab the schedule for CBB US and set your DVR, plus find out how much the HGs are being paid, review the houseguest roster, and check out other BB production spoilers. Come back often for the latest Celebrity Big Brother spoilers and updates.