Cavs Rumors: NBA Star LeBron James Comments On Rumors He’ll Join Warriors

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Recently, shocking Cleveland Cavs rumors popped up that upcoming free agent LeBron James may be considering a move to play for Golden State. The speculation about the next step in the NBA superstar’s career came based on an ESPN report that seemed like a longshot in terms of what might happen. There have already been rumors suggesting James was set on going to Los Angeles, Houston, New York, or even San Antonio for this latest phase of his career in the league. However, the recent NBA rumors brought a lot of hoopla with them, including James’ own recent response. Now it has fans wondering if James is serious about remaining in Cleveland, maybe.

As NESN’s Dakota Randall reported on Friday, the Cleveland Cavaliers’ All-Star talked to reporters following his team’s latest practice ahead of the team’s game against Houston on Saturday night. When asked about the possibility of joining the Golden State Warriors after this latest NBA season, James seemed to downplay the notion that it was something he was considering. While the initial report took the internet by storm, James said he was amused when he saw the report. He also talked about what his real goal is at this point, with his impending NBA free agency sitting on the backburner.

cavs lebron james amused by warriors rumors
The Cavs' Lebron James said he was amused by the Warriors rumors calling it 'nonsense' and a 'non-story.'Featured image credit: Tony DejakAP Images

James disregarded the idea that he was even thinking about his free agency decision.

“It’s nonsense, it’s a non-story. I think it’s a discredit to what I’m trying to do here, it’s a discredit to my teammates and the coaching staff here. My only focus right now is trying to figure out how we can become a championship-caliber team in these next few months.”

There does seem to be a good bit of truth to the Golden State Warriors rumors being a “non-story” as James mentions. The original ESPN report said that the idea James was considering the Warriors came from “league sources” and that Golden State wasn’t even contemplating making the necessary moves to try to land James as a free agent. That is for now at least. Even so, the team already has a few high-priced stars to worry about and seems to have the necessary roster to keep winning titles.

In addition, James told reporters today that “this is my present, this is where I’m at,” which is also true. The main focus should always be trying to win with the team one is part of, especially if they are amongst the top contenders. Cleveland seems to still be just that, despite where they are in the Eastern Conference standings, as most people believe the Cavs, not the Boston Celtics, are the biggest threat to the Warriors in the NBA Finals.

If LeBron and his current team begin to improve upon their play and make a serious run toward the title, the team culture there may develop into a team he wants to remain a part of. However, most analysts don’t believe he’ll be sticking around unless this team captures the NBA title at the end of this season. Still, joining the Golden State Warriors would probably be an even bigger shock than when Kevin Durant signed there.

Based on the Cavs’ recent struggles and the success of the Boston Celtics, it’s looking like James’ window of opportunity with the Cavs is slowly closing. That window is also closing for them, as they will need to decide the best way to keep winning in the future, and trading LeBron may be amongst the decisions they have to mull over. Otherwise, James will probably walk and make yet another major decision to play elsewhere.