Tom Brady’s Kids Join Barron Trump In Headlines As Disturbing Trend Of Adults Picking On Children Continues

Mark HumphreyAP Images

It might be a different family and different kids, but the trend of mocking children raised its ugly head once again. This time, the kids belong to the New England Patriots star player, Tom Brady. The famous New England quarterback’s children have recently been criticized and have become the target of online name-calling by adults, much like Barron Trump has endured since his father threw his hat into the presidential ring. The latest of these disturbing events was spawned from a documentary about Brady and his family ahead of the Super Bowl this Sunday.

In the video, Brady’s son gives his dad a kiss, which is something every loving parent would cherish. That kiss has been twisted into something rather disturbing by some folks who have hopped online to say that kiss was just a bit “too long,” according to the Daily Mail.

The moment caught in this video between Brady and his 11-year-old son is a moment that is played out in homes across the nation every day. Before Brady’s eldest son, Jack, leaves the room, his father asks, “What do I get?”

Jack returns to his dad, who appears to be laying down on a massage table, and kisses him before leaving. That kiss on the mouth has taken on a whole new connotation online for some folks. Others find it very disturbing that something as innocent as a kiss to his dad could put minds “in the gutter.”

This new string of online comments comes on the heels of another event involving Brady’s daughter. Boston’s WEEI host, Alex Reimer, called Brady’s daughter an “annoying little pissant,” which cost him a suspension from his job. Brady stopped by the station to call out the radio host, saying that he would “evaluate” whether he would come on the station again.


A few days later, Brady said in a pre-Super Bowl interview that he didn’t want to see Reimer lose his job over this, according to the Fox News. Brady’s fans offered up comments saying how this sounds very much like the Brady they’ve come to know.


It appears that Tom Brady is from an affectionate family who are not afraid to kiss one another on the lips, according to the Daily Mail. There are several pictures of Brady planting a kiss on the lips of his father at New England Patriots games online. One of those images is seen in the tweet above.


These latest online comments involving Brady’s kids are reminiscent of what Barron Trump went through. Much like in Barron’s case, where celebrities felt the need to get involved and defend this type of mocking behavior, one celebrity has already defended the radio host who called Brady’s daughter a “pissant.”

Wendy Williams shocked her audience this week by defending the radio host who called Brady’s daughter a “pissant,” saying, “All kids are pissants,” according to the Celebrity Insider. The mocking of Brady’s kids was similar to what Barron endured when the floodgates opened for disparaging comments.

Celebrities defended Kathy Griffin when she held a mock severed head of Trump in her hand, and Barron Trump was reportedly upset to see this. Just this week, Chelsea Clinton took to social media and once again defended Barron Trump, according to a previous Inquisitr article.

Chelsea sent out her message when people she called “haters” got online and mocked Barron after a boy about his age sat next to his mother, Melania Trump, at the State of the Union Address. Barron didn’t attend that event, but the online mocking went on as if he did. People were saying things like Barron Trump was “recast” for the second season in the White House. This wasn’t the first time Chelsea has come to Barron’s defense. This summer when Barron’s outfit was mocked online, Chelsea also tweeted and defended the president’s son.


According to News Busters, “Rosie O’Donnell and several others” mocked Barron’s reported reaction to seeing Griffin holding that head when it flashed across the TV. One of the people who defended Kathy Griffin was Ken Jennings, the man who got his 15 minutes of fame as a Jeopardy contestant and went online to “promote his unhinged views,” reports News Busters.

Rosie O’Donnell also suggested that Barron Trump behaves much like a child with autism would behave. But many people surmised that this wasn’t just about Barron, as Rosie is very outspoken about her disdain for Trump.

The same type of bantering appears to emerge when it comes to fans vs. critics of Tom Brady. When the “pissant” comment was made, along with the comments about the father-son kiss, there were two distinctly opposite trains of thoughts coming through on the social media sites. It doesn’t appear that this is really about the children, but it is about their parents, suggested reports online.

It looks as if the critics of both Trump and Brady found an avenue for attempting to get under their skin. Most parents would agree that there is a subject that hurts like no other, and that is seeing your kids get hurt by something a bully says or does. In the cases of Barron Trump and Brady’s two children, it is not their school-aged peers doing the bullying. Instead, it is the adults.