‘Bold And The Beautiful’ Spoilers: Ridge Has Bill Arrested But Scheme Backfires

After Bridge wedding on 'B&B' next week, Steffy's dad launches a nasty vendetta against Dollar Bill.

After Bridge wedding on 'B&B' next week, Steffy's dad launches a nasty vendetta against Dollar Bill.

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers tease that as February sweeps kick into high gear, Ridge Forrester (Thorsten Kaye) plays hardball with Bill Spencer (Don Diamont), but his sneaky revenge play could blow up in his face and make everything worse. The word is still spreading that Bill slept with Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) and it seems there are just a few people that don’t yet know. Unless Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton) shows up to the Bridge wedding, everyone else will realize they split. What comes next is the big shocker, though.

Ridge Won’t Let It Go

This week on B&B, fans watched Ridge and Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang) try to guilt and strong-arm Liam into forgiving Steffy and coming to their wedding with her. Liam’s close to cracking under everyone’s unfair expectations and then Steffy showed up after her dad to pressure him into forgetting she slept with his dad and coming home to experience the pregnancy with her. Liam is a forgiving guy, but Steffy, Ridge, and Brooke are asking too much of him.

Next week on Bold and the Beautiful, spoilers from the soap magazines reveal that it’s Brooke and Ridge’s big day. But once Ridge and Brooke say I do, the dressmaker will be back to obsessing over how he thinks Bill destroyed Steffy’s life. No one wants to acknowledge that Steffy is an adult that made the choice to sleep with her father-in-law, least of all Ridge. Thinking about Bill’s hands on his daughter will eat away at Ridge until he does something drastic to make Bill pay.

Bill Arrested In Sweeps

Some spoilers allege that Sally Spectra (Courtney Hope) would have Bill arrested soon for burning down her building, but these rumors miss the mark for many reasons. More than having her building, Sally wants Liam. Bill buying, burning, then blowing up her building helped fuel the situation that led to Steffy cheating with Bill and Liam dumping her. In fact, Sally might go over and thank Bill for the awful things he’s done since now she’s got a shot to win Liam’s heart.

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers tease that Sally has no interest in seeing Bill behind bars, but someone else does. From B&B recaps, fans can look back and see that the groundwork was already laid for Bill’s arrest under false pretenses. Katie Logan (Heather Tom), Liam, Brooke, and Ridge all asked Steffy whether Bill drugged her or somehow tricked her into sleeping with him. Steffy keeps insisting it’s consensual sex, but Ridge can’t accept it and does something shady.

Ridge Fabricates Evidence

As February sweeps heat up on B&B, spoilers from She Knows Soaps tease that Bill’s behavior goes out of control because he’s irritated with how he’s being judged by people (like Ridge and Brooke) who had done immoral things just as bad as Bill. Once Bill gets tired of being kicked around, he’ll push back, and it’s obvious he’s still hoping for a shot to win Steffy’s love. But Ridge won’t let that happen and will soon play dirtier than he ever has in his life.

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers from Soap Central hint that things go from “bad to worse” for Bill soon. By the end of the month, Bill is arrested based on false evidence. Ridge can’t accept that Steffy went willingly to Bill, so he will rationalize what he does next. Ridge thinks if Bill is seen as a predator, then Steffy is a victim, and Liam must take her back. Ridge will plant evidence of a date rape drug so that Bill is arrested for sexual assault. This devious plan seems foolproof, but it will backfire on Ridge.

Steffy Saves Bill, Commits To New Man

Although Bill has begged Steffy to be with him and even proposed they get married and raise her baby together, so far Steffy has said no. But B&B spoilers predict that if Ridge goes down this sketchy path, Steffy will have no choice but to come clean and save Bill from life behind bars. Bold spoilers tease that Steffy refuses to play along with Ridge’s awful scheme and will testify on Bill’s behalf and save him, even though Bill’s arrest could solve all her problems and bring Liam home to her.

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers hint that Steffy doing the right thing could finally seal the deal and convince her she must let Liam go and open herself to new love with Bill. See what else is coming for February sweeps, then catch up on the latest Bold scoop for the week of February 5, the fake news about Ashleigh Brewer quitting the soap, and the paternity secret that Bill might be hiding. Watch CBS every day for new B&B episodes and check back here often for more The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers.