Melania Trump Called Copycat, Hypocrite, Donald’s Troll For Tweeting About ‘Eating Well And Getting Exercise’

Evan VucciAP Images

President Donald J. Trump has proclaimed February 2018 as American Heart Month, according to the White House, but First Lady Melania Trump is getting blowback for her recent tweet encouraging healthy behavior. As seen below, Melania published a tweet on Friday, February 2, which tried to speak parent-to-parent about the importance of encouraging children to eat right and exercise, but most of Mrs. Trump’s Twitter replies involve encouraging Melania to pass on that sage advice to her husband.

The point of the month is to educate the public about the more than half-million Americans who die from heart disease annually. Many of Mrs. Trump’s Twitter followers pointed to the person near her who could have a risk of cardiovascular disease due to his well-known fast food habit. Although Trump’s White House doctor proclaimed that Trump was in excellent health, as reported by Time, those responding to Melania’s tweet about diet and exercise are claiming that Melania is possibly trolling Donald’s weight and sending a message to her husband.

However, those same folks may not have all noticed that Melania’s tweet about diet and exercise perhaps tried to steer away from the matter of Donald’s weight by phrasing it as advice for parents to raise healthy children. Nevertheless, some of the replies Melania has received feature ones like those below, with one person calling Mr. Trump Melania’s “husband-child.”


Others are joking that as Melania tweeted, her husband was making a run to McDonald’s for lunch. Most of the comments feature quips about Melania being married to a fast food addict who doesn’t exercise.

“Trolling much?”

“Why don’t you start with your husband-child ? How’s that initiative to stop bullying coming along?”

However, not all replies are joking about “the rotund man” or “Hamburglar-in-chief” that Melania has married, including guesses about his weight. Some of those clapping back at Melania aren’t just calling her a hypocrite for not being able to offer valuable, healthy eating advice to Mr. Trump, they are also accusing her of traveling into territory that was the platform of former First Lady Michelle Obama, and criticizing Melania’s supporters for the times they criticized Mrs. Obama’s healthy-eating advice.

Certain Twitter users are asking Melania to talk to Mr. Trump about improving medical health insurance or to help them be able to afford healthy food.