‘Melania Divorce’ Search Phrase Trends On Twitter

People are turning to social media to figure out Mrs. Trump's next marital move.

'Melania Divorce' Search Phrase Trends On Twitter
Mark Wilson / Getty Images

People are turning to social media to figure out Mrs. Trump's next marital move.

It seems that people can’t stop searching for information about First Lady Melania Trump and turning to social media platforms to find out whether or not Melania will issue a divorce decree to President Donald Trump. As seen in the current list of popular search terms on Twitter, when one begins typing Melania’s name into the search box, “Melania divorce” is the second most popularly suggested search term as of this writing, topped only by “Melania Trump.”

Following “Melania divorce” as the second-most popular search term are the words “Melania Aflac” and “Melania frame.” As reported by the Washington Post, Donald recently reminded the viewing public about Mrs. Trump starring in a 2005 commercial for Aflac Insurance, wherein Melania quacked like a duck and seemingly lost her brain, voice, and personality to the animal. Certain Twitter users are turning to Trump’s words as a shaming mechanism and claiming, in their view, that such moves prove Trump is in “divorce mode,” while others simply view his words as a man who was proud of his wife’s starring role in an ad.

As reported by the Inquisitr, in spite of all the talk about whether or not Melania will or will not divorce Donald – and become the first First Lady to divorce a sitting president serving in the White House – the legalities surrounding a president being sued for divorce are not clear.

And yet, the tweets mentioning Melania and a divorce continue to roll in, along with rumors about divorce papers already being signed prior to Trump winning the presidency that Mrs. Trump’s spokesperson has flatly denied. Some of those rumors, as can be read below, feature folks pontificating over how Mr. Trump might treat Mrs. Trump in the press in the wake of a contentious divorce. Others are begging Donald to be fair with Melania if such an event were to occur.

Some social media users are writing about how much they appreciate Melania’s recent reactions to her husband, like arriving separately to Trump’s first State of the Union address and staying firmly planted in her seat when Trump spoke of faith and family, as reported by the Inquisitr.