February 2, 2018
'Celebrity Big Brother' Spoilers: 12th Houseguest Rumored Plus Interactive 'BB' Bot Reveal

Celebrity Big Brother spoilers reveal we've got just a few days left before the Wednesday, February 7 premiere of CBB US. The cast of celebrities was revealed during the Grammys last Sunday, but a new Big Brother rumor is circulating that a twelfth houseguest might be in the mix to surprise fans. There's also a BB technology update for the celebrity season that will enable fans to better interact with production and the show. With the shorter season of BB almost here and the celebrities already in the house, things are getting exciting.

Cast Revealed, But Another Coming?

One of the big mysteries about the celebrity cast announcement is that there are 11 names and 10 chairs at the square dining room table. If you check out the house tour photos, you can see the 10 chairs are a snug fit, so where will the 11th houseguest sit? And if the rumor is true and a 12th is playing, what does that mean for the geography of dining in the BB house? Julie Chen shared that they already dragged in another bed for Omarosa who was reportedly a last-minute addition to the cast.

Also, coming late to the party was Brandi Glanville, but she replaced someone else, so her seat was already a factor in play. There will be two evictions a week, but would CBS production cast out someone on debut night? Fans saw it in BB19 with poor Cameron to make room for Paul Abrahamian. However, with 11 beds plus the HoH space, the extra houseguest could fit. If you look at the house pics, you'll also see a cozy niche that will fit two right behind the dining room table.

CBB US dining room

Twelfth Houseguest Rumored

Celebrity Big Brother spoilers always remind fans to "expect the unexpected" and even though the cast announcement is official, that doesn't mean it's locked. BB8 winner and frequent (and profane) commenter Evel Dick shared last night his inside scoop that "there is one more HG" coming to play the game to make the starting roster 12 instead of 11. Dick qualified that he's "Not 100%" but is 90% certain that it's happening. If CBB is planning an eviction during the three-night premiere, this might be valid.

As of now, if you haven't seen the CBB US roster, it includes:

  • Omarosa Manigault, formerly of the White House staff
  • Brandi Glanville, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills
  • Ross Matthews, Hello Ross
  • Mark McGrath, Sugar Ray
  • Shannon Elizabeth, American Pie
  • Chuck Liddell, MMA and UFC champ
  • Marissa Jaret Winokur, Hairspray
  • Keshia Knight Pulliam, The Cosby Show
  • James Maslow, Big Time Rush
  • Metta World Peace, former LA Laker
  • Ariadna Gutiérrez, former Miss Universe runner-up
Whether these 11 celebrities are the only ones playing is yet to be revealed, but should be confirmed during the premiere. There will be at least one eviction per week, according to the latest intel from CBS, but whether CBB US fans will see an ousting during the multi-night premiere event remains to be seen. In addition to a possible last-minute secret HG added to the BB roster, there's also new tech rolling out for this season.

Big Brother Bot, After Dark, And Live Feeds

In a press release dated February 2 from CBS, the network announced the debut of the Big Brother Bot, "the first messaging experience in BIG BROTHER history." The press release said the premiere of CBB US would be a three-night event running Wednesday through Friday, February 7-9, and said the show would then run for three weeks with a two-hour finale airing Friday, February 25. You can use this full schedule to set your DVR. You must update your settings as the Big Brother title won't grab this series on DVR.

The release confirmed that Celebrity Big Brother After Dark would kick off at midnight Eastern time after the February 7 part-one premiere. The presser also revealed that the Live Feeds would launch at midnight Eastern time after the premiere episode. These facets are expected but what's new is the BB bot. This interactive element is accessible via Facebook, Skype, and Kik. Fans will be able to cast votes, ask questions about game status, get highlights of happenings, and vote in quizzes and polls.

Catch up now on the latest Big Brother: Celebrity Edition scoop on the celebrities playing for profit rather than charity and be sure to come back often for more Celebrity Big Brother spoilers and news.