Anthony Scaramucci Talks About His 10 Days In The White House, Calling Bannon A Swamp Creature

Ariel SchaltAP Images

Anthony Scaramucci has finally done a sit-down interview about his almost two weeks of working in the Donald Trump White House, and he chose to do it with Vanity Fair, which ironically Trump has called out as failing and fake news. Scaramucci spoke to William Cohan and explained that he joined the Trump team after Trump himself told him to leave the “stupid business” that he founded and come work in the White House. There, Scaramucci says he worked with some awful backstabbers, each of whom he gave a colorful nickname.

Scaramucci Had Perhaps The Roughest Ride In The Trump White House

Although Anthony Scaramucci has had a rough ride since getting shown the door at the White House, he doesn’t seem bitter about getting the opportunity, and the only person he isn’t blaming for his ouster is Donald Trump.

But Scaramucci relinquished control of his business to work in the Trump White House and put his marriage to Deidre Ball at risk.

“Deidre has left him and has filed for divorce. She liked the nice Wall Street life and their home on Long Island, not the insane world of D.C. She is tired of his naked ambition, which is so enormous that it left her at her wits’ end. She has left him even though they have two children together.”

After months of separation starting while Scaramucci was in the Trump White House, the two are now working out their differences.

Anthony Scaramucci Had Colorful Nicknames For Trump Advisors Priebus And Bannon

Anthony Scaramucci started telling his story to Vanity Fair by saying that Donald Trump begged him to leave his business and come work for him in the White House.

“‘Drop that stupid business of yours and come work for me.’ I said, ‘O.K. I’m happy to help.'”

But when Anthony Scaramucci got to the Trump White House, he found that he was in conflict with many of the Trump senior advisors, including Trump chief of staff Reince Priebus, whom Scaramucci says he called “Rancid Penis.”

Scaramucci said that Priebus was very “Richie Cunningham” to his face, but a back-stabber otherwise.

“They’re hitting you with a lightsaber behind your back.”

Anthony Scaramucci says that Reince Priebus went behind his back and disinvited Scaramucci’s parents from his swearing in.

Scaramucci Says Reince Priebus And Steve Bannon Were Out To Get Him From Day One

Anthony Scaramucci says that he and Steve Bannon were friends, and then Bannon turned on him. Scaramucci says that he helped Bannon, and then Bannon stabbed him in the back. Scaramucci has the most disdain for Bannon than anyone else who was in the Trump White House. Like Scaramucci, Steve Bannon was fired from the Trump administration.

“Bannon is ultimately railing against the swamp, but he’s actually a cock of the swamp. He’s the creature from the Black Lagoon, Bannon. He acts more swamp-like than any person that’s ever become a Washingtonian. So for all of his railing on the swamp, he is literally the pig in George Orwell’s Animal Farm that stands on his two legs the minute he gets power. He is the creature from the Black Lagoon.”

Anthony Scaramucci warned Trump that people were out to get him, namely Priebus and Bannon. After Donald Trump told Scaramucci that he held the best press conference ever, Scaramucci told the president he was happy to be the communications director, but he would be dodging the efforts of Priebus and Bannon.

“I said, ‘Mr. President, I hope I can do the job, but you’ve got to know knives are out for me. Those two guys are sh**ting in their pants.’ He said, ‘Yeah, let them s**t in their pants. Don’t worry about it. You’ll be fine, you’ll be fine.'”

But in the end, Scaramucci explains that first Priebus was fired, then himself, and lastly Bannon.