‘Alaskan Bush People’ Will Most Likely Be Renewed, Ami Brown Confirms She Really Was Sick Despite Rumors

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Accusing someone of lying about their illness is a pretty serious thing, but that’s exactly what some so-called fans of the hit show Alaskan Bush People are doing.

According to In Touch Weekly, Ami Brown — the matriarch of the Brown family, the family featured in Alaskan Bush People — has been in the news as of late for her cancer diagnosis. Reportedly, Ami had been battling advanced-stage lung cancer for a while, even though she recently announced that she has a clean bill of health and the cancer is in remission, for now.

That has led some fans of the show to take to the family’s Facebook page to question whether Ami did, in fact, have cancer, or whether she was just “faking” the disease for ratings so the show could get renewed.

That resulted in the family releasing a statement confirming that Ami Brown did have cancer, and to suggest otherwise was simply ridiculous.

“Ami is officially in remission and for now chemo is over. That doesn’t mean she lied about having cancer or faked having cancer. All it simply means is that she is in remission and will be monitored by her doctors very closely. Like most people dealing with cancer, it is something that Ami will have to deal with for the rest of her life and to suggest anything else is irresponsible and utter nonsense.”

Part of the reason why some fans of the show thought that the Brown family was lying about Ami’s cancer diagnosis is because, in the past, the stars of Alaskan Bush People were known for performing various publicity stunts in the hopes of getting ratings, press, show renewals, or all of the above.

However, according to Christian Today, even though fans are still waiting for the announcement about the show being renewed for an eighth season, it looks like the show will, in fact, be renewed, as it’s a show that consistently gets high ratings for its network, and it’s a show that’s consistently getting good press traction.

Further evidence to support that Alaskan Bush People will be renewed for an eighth season is that the Brown family has moved out of their sprawling Los Angeles mansion — where they were staying to accompany Ami to her cancer treatments — into the Pacific Northwest.

I would just like to give a very honest thank you to the most amazing woman that’s ever walked this earth. Not only am I lucky enough to have met an angel and know an angel, but that angel is my mother. Honestly you inspire me more then anyone, and I’m so blessed to know I have people like you in my life that will support me no matter where I go and how I choose to get there. You’ve never judged me or punished me but only taught me with love and with leading by great example. You’re the reason I am who I am and the reason I keep fighting, because if the sweetest most honest happiest person such as yourself can do it? So can I. #stayhappy #staystrong #motheranddaughter

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And while, clearly, living in the Pacific Northwest isn’t the same as living in the “bush” region of Alaska, it does suggest that the Brown family is one step closer to filming for Alaskan Bush People again.