Tom Brady Causes Controversy After Kissing His Son On The Lips While Shirtless

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Ahead of his appearance with his New England Patriots teammates at the 2018 Super Bowl on February 4, Tom Brady is coming under fire for sharing a kiss on the lips with his 11-year-old son Jack in a new video posted on Facebook, which shows the two showing affection as Tom lies shirtless on a massage table.

The world famous quarterback is being shamed by some on social media for the father-son moment he shared with fans, which is part of his Facebook Watch documentary series Tom vs. Time and gives fans a glimpse at his life at home with his children and wife, model Gisele Bundchen.

Daily Mail reported that the scene shows Tom getting a massage while shirtless – seemingly in his own home – when Jack enters the room to ask his dad if he can look at his fantasy football standings.

That’s when Brady asked the 11-year-old, “What do I get?” to which Jack comes over and gives his dad a quick kiss on the lips before walking away.

Tom then jokingly complained that the kiss was “just a peck,” to which Jack returned to his dad’s side and gives him another, slightly longer, kiss on the lips.

After sharing the family moment in the Facebook video earlier this week, many are now slamming the football superstar across the 280-character site and claiming that his second kiss with his son, in particular, was “disturbing.”

A slew of Twitter users chimed in on the social media site after seeing Tom and Jack – who is Brady’s son with former partner Bridget Moynahan – share two kisses on the lips, and it’s safe to say that the clip has seriously divided opinion.

“Tom Brady is one of my five favorite people… but him making his son come back and kiss him on the lips for a longer time because his first lip kiss wasn’t long enough is some very, very disturbing content,” said one fan after seeing the two together on Facebook.

“I was ready to defend but boy oh boy does that kiss linger,” another responded after seeing the video of Tom and his son sharing a kiss, while a third then tweeted of the moment, “Kinda creepy!! I am sorry, but I don’t kiss my kids like this!”

But despite backlash from some who claimed the kiss between the father and son appeared “disturbing,” others fiercely defended the New England Patriots star on the social media site.

“Anyone who feels it was inappropriate for Tom Brady to kiss his 11-year-old son should get their mind out of the gutter,” hit back Fox News reporter Carley Shimkus on Twitter. “All I see is a loving dad… and last I checked, that was a good thing.”

“So, let me get this straight, we can expose our children to vulgarities during primetime Grammy shows via disgusting rappers, but a parent who kisses his son is under attack?” another said in defense of Brady this week. “Family values is what is at attack here!!”

Tom Brady Causes Controversy After Kissing His Son On The Lips While Shirtless
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The latest drama for the Brady family comes just days after Tom and Gisele’s daughter Vivian was thrust into the headlines after Alex Reimer of Boston’s WEEI radio station referred to the 5-year-old an “annoying little pissant.”

Reimer was suspended for the comment, though talk show host Wendy Williams went on air to defend him while speaking about the incident on The Wendy Williams Show earlier this week, even claiming that she agreed with his comments about the little girl.