Coca Cola’s 2018 Super Bowl Commercial Features Lesbian Couple And Other LGBT Groups


Coca Cola’s 2018 Superbowl ad has a message, and it’s diversity regarding race, religion, and sexual orientation. The 60-second spot, entitled, “The Wonder Of Us” prominently features members of the LGBT community. The commercial also showcases imagery that’s associated with LGBT identity. There’s an array of rainbow-colored balloons, and you can see rainbows on the clothing of some of the actors in the advertisement.

During the ad, various actors read a voiceover. At one point the voiceover says “We all have different looks…and loves” as the camera pans from a woman driving a car to another woman in the passenger seat. The language and the framing make it pretty clear that this is a representation of a lesbian couple. At another point in the video, the voiceover says, “There’s a Coke for he – and she – and her – and me – and them.” On “and them” the camera shows a woman wearing a shirt with a rainbow-colored collar. “Them” is a pronoun that’s often used to refer to people who are non-binary or genderqueer.

The decision to include a diverse cast of people in the commercial was intentional, the company said, according to Adweek.

“For this particular message, it is a strategic choice for us. It’s such a big audience and we want to celebrate the diversity of that audience. It isn’t as much about it being advertising’s biggest stage as we feel like it is the ability to reach all of those billions of unique you’s,” said Brynn Bardacke, Coca-Cola North America’s VP of Content and Creative Excellence.

The ad doesn’t just present diverse sexual identities, as it also includes actors from various races, and there’s also a woman wearing a hijab. So, there’s religious diversity presented here too.

The voiceover is from a poem written by a staff member at the ad agency responsible for creating the commercial. The poem will also run in print ads that will appear in The New York Times on Sunday and USA Today on Monday.

Adweek reports that this Coca-Cola commercial will jumpstart the megabrand’s 2018 advertising platform, which they are calling “A Coke For Everyone.” This ad campaign isn’t just going to stop at The Superbowl but will continue through to The Winter Olympics, other sporting events during the year and culminate in the holiday season.

Pink News reports that Coca-Cola’s Super Bowl commercial will air to an audience of over 100 million people on Sunday and will be broadcast during the fourth quarter of the matchup between The New England Patriots and The Philidelphia Eagles.