‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Anna Had A Son With Faison, Search Is On For Henrik

Jason KempinGetty Images

General Hospital spoilers tease Anna (Finola Hughes) will reveal something about her relationship with Faison. While looking at the big bad’s corpse, she will admit that they have a child.

General Hospital co-head writer Chris Van Etten explains that Anna will not reveal if the child is Henrik or someone else. However, this will serve as the foundation of future stories since this is the first time Anna talked about her child with Faison is.

Shelly Altman explains that they decided to introduce a child who is a mix of good and evil will. She also hinted that the identity of this offspring will be unveiled.

Faison has been an iconic character in General Hospital, and he deserves to be remembered even after his death. There’s no better way to do this than through a child. As for Anna, she proved time and again that she is capable of being evil. She had a shady history, and the revelation about this child will provide more details as to what Anna is capable of.

As reported by Soap Opera Digest, when Anna hears about Henrik, Faison’s son, she will be curious if this is the child she gave birth to. Robin (Kimberly McCullough) will return to General Hospital for Nathan’s (Ryan Paevey) funeral, so Anna needs to bide her time.

The thought that Henrik is her child will bother Anna. General Hospital spoilers tease Anna will keep this information to herself, at least for now. It seems like Anna will embark on another mission, but she can’t ask for anyone’s help since she is trying to keep things quiet. Altman reveals her thoughts on what Anna is going through.


“I think that she regrets that she cannot include her daughter in this, but at this time, it doesn’t seem prudent for her to include anyone, when she herself doesn’t have the answers she wants.”

While Anna struggles to figure out if her child is alive and to discover the identity of Henrik, General Hospital spoilers tease that viewers will get some answers next week. It seems like someone is in possession of important information that will help Anna in her mission.

Altman also teased that a new story will unfold, and General Hospital spoilers reveal it will unveil why Anna forgot about the child she had with Faison and how she was able to continue living normally afterward.