What Queen Elizabeth Really Thinks Of Camilla Parker Bowles

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Between her scandalous affair with Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s tragic death, Camilla Parker Bowles has a complicated relationship with Queen Elizabeth II. Although the two women have been acquaintances for a long time, many of those years have been filled with drama. But what does Queen Elizabeth really think of Camilla after all this time?

Elizabeth Liked Camilla When She Was Younger

According to Cheat Sheet, Camilla and Her Majesty had a great relationship when she was a young woman. Camilla spent a lot of time in the palace in those days because Elizabeth was the godmother of her first husband, Andrew Parker Bowles. Elizabeth and Camilla reportedly got on great and enjoyed each other’s company.

That was, of course, before her affair with Prince Charles and his divorce with Princess Diana, which changed the dynamic of their friendship.

Charles’ Affair Changed Everything

Elizabeth was livid when she found out about Charles’ affair with Camilla. Elizabeth thought her son had dishonored himself, but she was equally mad at Camilla for sneaking around the palace.

She also respected Princess Diana and couldn’t believe Charles had treated her that way. By the time the affair became public knowledge, Elizabeth had lost all admiration for Camilla.

Elizabeth Kicks Camilla Out

The Queen was so disgusted by what had happened that she kicked Camilla out of the palace and banned her from returning. But that didn’t stop Camilla from sneaking into Charles’ quarters for a few late-night trysts. Considering the scandal, it took years until Elizabeth allowed Camilla to return to the palace.

Their Relationship Starts To Mend

Although Elizabeth was disgusted by the affair, she eventually forgave Charles and Camilla and offered her blessing to marry. The wedding took place in 2005 and was low key for members of the royal family.

While Elizabeth gave the couple her blessing, she was not present for the civil ceremony. She did, however, attend the reception and was spotted at the post-ceremony blessing.

Her Majesty Renews Her Friendship With Camilla

Elizabeth’s relationship with Camilla slowly changed after the wedding. Seven years into the marriage, Elizabeth and Camilla had become such good friends that she invited her daughter-in-law to sit in her carriage during the Diamond Jubilee celebration.

The event took place in 2012 and seeing Camilla and Elizabeth riding in the same carriage shocked many royal fans around the globe. Yet their relationship only grew closer from there.

Elizabeth Honors Camilla With New Position

In 2016, Elizabeth turned 90 years old and honored Camilla with a new job. Her Majesty appointed Camilla to a position on her highest advisory team, the Privy Council. The appointment was a clear indication that Elizabeth was preparing the general population for Charles and Camilla’s reign.

The move also sparked a controversy over whether Camilla will be called Queen or Princess Consort once Charles is on the throne, a dispute that has yet to be settled.

Of course, there is still a lot of debate on what will happen when Charles takes the throne. With Charles becoming less and less popular every year, there is a lot of talk that he will abdicate and give the crown to his son, Prince William. If that happens, then we won’t have to worry about which title Camilla inherits.

At this time, Queen Elizabeth has not announced any plans to retire.