‘Teen Mom 2’: Kailyn Lowry Reveals She Struggles To Spend Quality Time With Her Kids

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Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry is a busy mother of three children. Kail’s plate is very full with being a single mom to her sons, co-parenting with her baby daddies, filming a reality TV series, working on a podcast, writing books, and more. Now, Lowry’s busy schedule has caused her to struggle with spending quality time with her sons.

Kailyn Lowry tweeted her followers on Friday morning asking for advice for how they spend quality time with their children individually. Kailyn, the mother of three boys, Isaac, Lincoln, and baby Lux, revealed it’s hard for her to spend one on one time with her sons, adding that a friend was watching her two younger children on Friday night so that she could take her oldest, Isaac, out to dinner.

It seems that many parents struggle with the same issue when it comes to parenting multiple children. Although Kailyn Lowry is seemingly doing her best, the Teen Mom 2 star revealed via Twitter that she feels like it’s just “not enough.”

Many fans offered Kailyn Lowry advice, suggesting that she zone in on the things that the individual child likes, and share that experience with him. Other fans told Kail to let the child pick the activity so that she knew it was something he would really enjoy. Meanwhile, the Teen Mom 2 star’s fans also offered her kind words of support, telling her that she’s a great mother and that whatever activity she chooses to do with Isaac or her other boys will be time well spent because they’ll be making memories together, adding that it will be special because it’s just the two of them together.

Recently, it seems that Kailyn Lowry has been doing a lot of special projects with her kids, and her oldest son Isaac has also shared some big news. The Teen Mom 2 star recently revealed that Isaac will be illustrating her newest children’s book, which will be another way for she and her first born son to spend some quality time together that is just for them.

Fans can watch Kailyn Lowry when new episodes of Teen Mom 2 begin airing on MTV later this year.