Helen Mirren Looks Unrecognizable In Makeup-Free Snap, Fans React To Bare-Faced Photo

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Dame Helen Mirren looks unrecognizable in a makeup-free snap she posted on Instagram this Thursday. The 72-year-old actress wasn’t afraid to show off her bare face when she was in Los Angeles enjoying the view of the red moon that was out earlier this week in the wee morning hours.

“I hold the super red blue moon over Los Angeles,” Helen Mirren captioned the image.

As Hello magazine reports, Mirren was branded a “Goddess” by one user for her makeup-free photo.

The actress is normally seen primped with full makeup and wearing designer fashion labels, so it’s a rare shot. Fans loved getting a glimpse of Helen Mirren without makeup.

“So beautiful, best pic I’ve ever seen of you, natural and spot on,” one raved.

“I love it that you are so authentic! I am a big big admirer,” another added.

“Cool Shot!!!!” a fan chimed in.

“You are very beautiful!!!” someone else wrote.

“Such a sweet face u have x,” wrote another user.

“Love that there is no makeup! Beautiful!” an enthusiastic fan remarked.

It’s considered the norm today for stars to share photos of themselves without makeup. Fans can relate more to them, and it boosts a star’s social media presence in a lot more.

I hold the super red blue moon over los angeles

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Helen Mirren is currently starring in Winchester, a movie about a gun heiress who built a sprawling mansion for the ghosts of victims killed by rifles that her late husband created. Set in California in 1906, Mirren portrays the real-life character of Sarah Winchester, the widow of William Wirt Winchester. She has ghostly encounters with those that were killed by Winchester rifles, but she wants to help them. The star speaks in an American accent in the film and wears a black crepe dress buttoned all the way to her neck, Variety reports.

Winchester is a thriller, with Mirren’s character desperately trying to give the ghostly spirits peace and somewhere to heal. According to Variety, the Winchester Mystery House is a constant project with builders sawing and hammering round the clock. Attempts are made to lock some of the more uncooperative ghosts in sealed rooms. Sarah Winchester is a 50 percent stakeholder in Winchester Repeating Arms Co., but her share of ownership is in jeopardy when the other board members think she’s losing her mind. They hire a physician to move in and conduct a psychiatric evaluation of the widow. He’s also haunted by visions of his late wife, who committed suicide with a gunshot. The movie’s villain is the spirit of a military corporal who committed a mass shooting.

Aside from her current film, Helen Mirren is an outspoken advocate of equal pay in Hollywood. The Independent reports that Mirren cites agents as the reason in the pay gap epidemic. She feels they should insist their female clients get compensated as much as actors do in the same project.