‘RHONY’ LuAnn De Lesseps Reportedly Desperate To Hide Video From Her Drunken Arrest

Slaven VlasicGetty Images

It’s been over a month since LuAnn de Lesseps was arrested for drunken disorderly conduct in a hotel in Florida. With the Real Housewives of New York star due in court next month, her attorneys are working hard to make sure video evidence from her embarrassing night in jail doesn’t reach the public. What does de Lesseps have to hide?

De Lesseps Tries To Hide Video Of Her Drunken Behavior

According to Radar Online, the reality star’s lawyers are currently reviewing video evidence that police capture during her drunken arrest. Evidence also includes de Lesseps’ iPhone, passport, makeup, glasses, and other personal items. Police also captured photos, video, and audio while de Lesseps was inside the police car and locked in jail.

Given the embarrassing nature of the arrest, Celebuzz is reporting that the RHONY star is desperately trying to keep the evidence private and out of the hands of the public.

The RHONY Star Faces Felony Charges

De Lesseps was taken into custody in Palm Beach, Florida in late December. The reality star had broken into a hotel room with an unidentified man and refused to leave. When police arrived on the scene, a drunk de Lesseps had locked herself inside a bathroom and resisted arrest.

She even hit one of the officers and was charged with battery against a police officer. The RHONY star is facing one felony charge and two misdemeanors for her actions.

De Lesseps Tries To Stay Upbeat

De Lesseps has been fairly quiet about the arrest over the past month. Although she is facing some serious charges, she recently shared an encouraging message on Instagram about staying cool even when plans don’t work out.

She also uploaded a photo of herself in a yoga pose. Although it’s hard to tell if de Lesseps is doing okay, her RHONY co-star, Bethenny Frankel, believes that she’ll be just fine once this whole thing blows over.

“I think she’s doing really well and I she’s got a wonderful attitude and nature, and she’s very positive, and she seems very healthy, very humble, very grounded, and I’m very happy for her,” Frankel shared.

Will De Lesseps Turn Things Around?

Following her arrest, de Lesseps returned home in New York and later spent some time in rehab to deal with her alcohol problems. In fact, de Lesseps just got out of rehab last week and assured fans on Twitter that she’s doing just fine.

She also thanked everyone for their support and was recently spotted hanging out with Sonja Morgan. De Lesseps shared a pic from her night out with Morgan, and she looked a lot healthier than she has in months. So far, it appears de Lesseps has kept up her sobriety, and we can only hope that continues for the foreseeable future.

She is due back in court in February. She could be sentenced to a maximum of five years in prison for her crimes. LuAnn de Lesseps’ stint in rehab, however, should help her get a more lenient judgment, though keeping the video evidence out of the public eye will be difficult to manage.