Ex-Wife Drags Man Behind Truck After Drunken Argument

Ex-Wife Drags Man Behind Truck After Drunken Argument

An angry ex-wife drags a man behind a truck after shocking him with a stun gun and shooting him, police in rural Florida are alleging.

After the ex-wife drags the man behind the truck, the victim was able to break free and make it to a nearby house, where he called police.

The victim, Robert Hall, suffered a broken pelvis, broken facial bones, and bleeding on the brain after his ex-wife dragged him down a dirt road, FOX 35 in Orlando reported.

The man who took in Hall after the brutal attack said the injuries left him in bad shape.

“There was an older guy with a rope around his neck and his underwear ripped from where he was drug,” Tyler Shevelan, the neighbor, told FOX 35. “He was bleeding from the backside, face, mouth, everywhere you can think of.”

The ex-wife who dragged the man was identified as 61-year-old Jeanette Morris. She was arrested along with her brother, 63-year-old Harold Anderson, and charged with attempted murder and aggravated assault.

Police said the ex-wife tied the man to the bumper of a pickup truck and dragged half a mile.

The ex-wife who drags the man behind her truck told police that the incident stemmed over an argument about money. She said Hall owed her $1,300 for staying at her home while she was away. She didn’t want to get into a confrontation so she called a deputy to escort her to the home when she returned, but when Anderson appeared drunk she told a police officer that she would spent the night with a friend.

Instead she stayed, drinking vodka with Anderson and Morris. It was then that the attack began.

From WFTV:

“At some point in the evening, the three attacked Hall and shocked him several times with a stun gun, and repeatedly punched him in the face, before putting a gun put to his head.

“Hall then said his attackers tied his hands behind his back and dragged him outside, where they then tied another rope around his ankles and attached the other end to the rear bumper of a pickup truck.

“The report said the truck then drove off and Hall was dragged down a dirt road.”

After the ex-wife drags the man behind the truck, police placed her in jail, where she is now waiting without bail.