Matt Lauer Not Writing $12 Million Tell-All About ‘Today’ Show, Despite Reports

Slaven VlasicGetty Images

The rumors that Matt Lauer is going to reveal the secret underbelly at Today with a “tell-all book” has recently grabbed the headlines. Now that his divorce from Annette Roque is moving forward, and his items from their $36 million Hamptons home have been removed, the attention surrounding Lauer has recently been about his next possible career move.

The recent, tantalizing revelations on the cover of the latest In Touch Weekly stating the former Today anchor is writing a $12 million tell-all “revenge book” about his former Today colleagues appears to be exactly what inquiring minds want to know.

With the cover declaration that “Everyone was sleeping with each other!” and such promises that the book will reveal “love children,” “nude selfies,” and even an “Ann Curry bombshell” appearing downright tantalizing, and could certainly help make books fly off the shelves.

Yet, Gossip Cop alleges that this tell-all book is never going to happen.

According to the rumor squashing publication, they question if promises of “revenge” on Lauer’s former Today colleagues would help resurrect his broadcasting career.

They also contend that Lauer most likely signed an “exit agreement” with NBC News. This contract most likely “includes a non-disparagement clause, which would certainly limit what he can discuss in a book.”


Gossip Cop also contends that such a book could also “open himself up to litigation.” Lauer would surely not want to risk this. They also point out that there is still the possibility that any of his victims could certainly file suit. They insist that such a tell-all would be too risky, and thus refute any claims that Lauer will be writing such a book anytime soon.

If Matt Lauer is not writing a tell-all book, then how will Lauer revive his career?

The recent reports that Matt Lauer is allegedly ready to go to Hollywood to fund and produce documentaries has not been disputed by Gossip Cop or any other publication.

According to Radar Online, Matt Lauer is going to follow in Katie Couric’s footsteps and work on documentaries. An informant that spoke with the publication explained that the disgraced Today host managed his $25 million a year salary well and now has the means to produce documentaries in Hollywood.

The source has claimed that Lauer is “asking around” on how he can make this new venture work. Matt believes that in this new venture, he could win back the “credibility and trust” he enjoyed with his millions of fans.


Despite dishing that Lauer is ready to make a fresh start as a documentary film producer, the unnamed source claims that “people say he’s delusional.”