‘Top Chef: Colorado’ Recap: Episode 9 — ‘Bronco Brouhaha’

Paul TrantowBravo

Nothing like some pressure for the chefs on Top Chef: Colorado tonight, as they faced a Sudden Death Quickfire Challenge. That meant one chef was eliminated immediately on Top Chef Season 15. From there, the other chefs took on a tailgating challenge, but who got eliminated on Top Chef: Colorado tonight? Find out the Episode 9 results tonight below in our Top Chef spoilers.

Last week on Top Chef Season 15 saw the infamous “Restaurant Wars” for this new season. The chefs split up into two teams and Top Chef host Padma Lakshmi surprised the teams by telling them that each team had to create a three-course meal with each course having three different options for diners to choose from. That meant nine total dishes, so the pressure was on. In the end, viewers said goodbye again to Claudette, but she headed off to Last Chance Kitchen again and could be back this season.

Sudden Death Quickfire Challenge

The chefs headed to the kitchen, as they met Padma Lakshmi, who had guest judge David Kinch with her. For this challenge, the chefs had to create a dish using flowers. There is no more immunity available and it was a Sudden Death challenge, as the three least favorite dishes would battle it out and one would be eliminated.


After tasting all the dishes, the favorite dishes came from Fatima and Carrie. The winner of this challenge on Top Chef: Colorado was Carrie, who would get an advantage in the next challenge. The least favorite dishes tonight came from Joseph, Chris, and Joe. Tom Colicchio joined them to help judge, as the challenge was to create a dish where cauliflower was replacing one of the ingredients. The judges tasted the new dishes and it was Joseph Flamm who was eliminated, as he headed off to Last Chance Kitchen.

Elimination Challenge

For this challenge, they hosted the best tailgating party with the Denver Broncos. The chefs would be working in teams of two to create the best plate of Super Bowl food they can for 300 players and fans. Since Carrie won the Quickfire, she got to pick the teams for tonight’s challenge.

  • Team 1 – Carrie and Chris
  • Team 2 – Adrienne and Joe
  • Team 3 – Fatima and Bruce


After picking their plate, doing some shopping for food, and prepping, it was time for the food to be served. The judges arrived, as well as the fans and players, so it was time for them to taste the food on Top Chef Season 15.

  • Carrie and Chris – Tom said it was very flavorful. They said it screamed Denver. The fries came out fantastic.
  • Fatima and Bruce – They said the nachos have a lot of stuff on them. They gave diversity to the plate, but they wanted cohesion. They said it was fine, but nothing was wowing them.
  • Adrienne and Joe – The ribs were tender and good flavor. Grandma would not approve of the mac and cheese. They wanted more in the barbecue sauce, but loved the coleslaw.

Judges’ Table

The chefs went in front of the judges on Top Chef 2018. The winning team was Carrie and Chris, and for winning they each received tickets to this year’s Super Bowl. Chris is a Philadelphia Eagles fan, so he must be ecstatic now. That meant Fatima and Bruce and Adrienne and Joe served the least favorite dishes tonight. The losing chef tonight was Fatima, as she headed off to Last Chance Kitchen.

Top Chef: Colorado airs on Wednesday nights at 9/8c on Bravo.