‘Alaskan Bush People’ Family Reportedly Relocates Back To Washington State, Not Colorado

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The Alaskan Bush People family reportedly relocated to back Washington state, following their recent departure from Southern California. The Brown family has been “on the move” for the past few days, and a new report suggests that they decided to settle in familiar territory, rather than Colorado.

At least seven of the nine members of the well-known Alaskan Bush People reality TV stars have been traveling together since reports surfaced about a week ago that they had left Los Angeles. Rain Brown also shared a family photo on social media showing four of her older siblings and herself with parents Billy and Ami as the family made a stop in Edwards, California, to sight-see before leaving the state.

Since Ami Brown has been given the all-clear from doctors who were treating her stage 4 lung cancer, the Brown family decided to finally leave California in search of a new home. Fans assumed the Browns would move to Colorado, which is the new rumored location for the next new season of Alaskan Bush People.

However, according to Radar Online, an eyewitness reportedly spotted the Brown family in Washington state. The exclusive report goes on to say that several members of the Alaskan Bush People cast have been staying at a hotel in Seattle “for a few days.” So far, this is an unverified eyewitness account that could possibly be true, since the Browns were last spotted in California a week ago, as noted by an Alaskan Bush People Facebook fan page.

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If so, the Brown family moved to an area that they have lived in before, reported the article on Radar Online that says the family had actually lived in Washington, specifically Seattle, “from 2009-2012.” Fans of Alaskan Bush People are now wondering if the Browns will build a new Browntown in Washington instead of Colorado.

Unknown is if the Browns intend to make their current relocation to Seattle a permanent one or if they’re just passing through. Rain Brown, who’s usually active on her Instagram account, has been silent for the past couple of days, and Gabe Brown has only just posted a couple of selfie photos recently.

My big bro and I ( I love the way we are )

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The Brown family’s reported “move” to Seattle, Washington, remains just a rumor without confirmation from members of the family. The Colorado Bush People Facebook page doesn’t even know where the Brown family was planning to relocate to from California, speculating only that they were “heading to Colorado.”

Followers of the previously mentioned page added that the Browns were finally “headed to some freedom” after being stuck in California for the last year due to Ami’s cancer treatment.

Ami Brown is said to be in remission from her cancer, allowing the Brown family to move. However, if the Browns don’t settle in Washington, then their former Browntown home of Alaska is more in their current direction of travel than Colorado is at this point. Could the Brown family be headed back to Alaska to resume their lives as Alaskan bush people? Seattle, Washington, could just be a lengthy resting stop from California back to the Alaskan bush.