NBA Rumors: Kevin Durant Reacts To LeBron James To Warriors Rumors

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Recent NBA rumors that the Cleveland Cavaliers’ LeBron James could head to the Golden State Warriors have now been commented on by fellow All-Star Kevin Durant. He is a player quite familiar with being a fan favorite star in a certain city and choosing to play for “the enemy.” The former Oklahoma City Thunder player and NBA MVP’s first reaction was one to discredit the idea, jokingly, but then he gave a complete statement. Here are the latest details on what “KD” had to say regarding LeBron James possibly coming to play for the Golden State Warriors either by NBA trade or as a free agent.

An ESPN article caused a commotion when it hit the internet on Thursday suggesting that LeBron James would at least meet with the Warriors if they were among his suitors in free agency. As reported by Bleacher Report‘s Tyler Conway, when first hearing of the reports that LeBron might join his team this summer, Durant simply said “bulls**t.” The idea on its own is enough to make most Cleveland Cavaliers and NBA fans give that reaction. However, upon thinking about it a bit more, it’s clear that Kevin Durant knows nothing is outside of the realm of possibilities in the current NBA. He elaborated on his expletive response with a response more of that nature.

kevin durant talks about lebron james to warriors
Warriors star Kevin Durant recently commented on the idea of LeBron James joining his team.Featured image credit: Tony DejakAP Images

KD compared it to his own situation from several years ago when he was a free agent.

“In this league, just like a couple years ago, me coming here, nobody would have thought that. It’s part of me as a basketball player that’s just like, let’s just worry about basketball. Then on the other side, we know this is a business as well.”

Durant infamously signed with the Golden State Warriors back in 2016, drawing the ire of analysts, fans, and even some teammates. However, that move ended up paying off for the former MVP with OKC as he captured an NBA championship in his first season with the team. He’s now seeking a second-straight and realizes that LeBron might be persuaded to join their cause, making this team even more of an unstoppable force.

There are plenty of other NBA rumors about what LeBron might do as an NBA free agent this summer. Another big piece of speculation that is floating around is that he’ll choose to play for the younger, emerging Los Angeles Lakers along with potential future stars like Lonzo Ball and Kyle Kuzma. There are also rumors of LeBron joining Gregg Popovich’s San Antonio Spurs.

Of course, that leaves Cleveland. In what could make the summer less exciting, LeBron may simply be persuaded to continue playing for the Cavaliers in the hopes they’ll be on their way to more championship trophies. This season still has plenty of games to be played and the Cavs could figure things out between now and the NBA Finals. A blockbuster trade or signing of their own could also be just what the Cavaliers need to appease “King James.”