Walt Disney World Refurbishment Schedule For February 2018: The Redhead Is About To Change Forever

Danny Cox

It is already the second month of the year, and even though still busy, it is technically the “down-time” at Walt Disney World and that means some refurbishments are taking place. For the month of February in 2018, there are not a ton of attractions listed as being closed, but there are some big ones. Most noticeably at Epcot is the American Adventure, and over in Magic Kingdom, the redhead in Pirates of the Caribbean is about to undergo a serious change.

Yes, this is going to be quite the month for change as the iconic redhead will be changing her look on life and becoming a pirate. It was first revealed back in the summer that the attraction at both WDW and Disneyland would be closing in 2018 for the auction scene to be changed up a bit.

The Disney Parks Blog revealed that the changes would be made sometime in 2018 and that it would change the dynamic of how that particular scene played out.

“You’ll even discover that a familiar character is playing a new role joining the pirates ranks and helping the local townspeople ‘unload’ their valuables at the Mercado auction. In the U.S., this famous redhead will appear in a similar scene at the Magic Kingdom Park and Disneyland park in 2018 following a previously scheduled refurbishment.”

Now, that time is known and everything is about to take place later this month. If you want to see the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction before the big change, you’ll want to go soon.

walt disney world refurbishment schedule february 2018 pirates caribbean redhead
Featured image credit: Danny Cox

Splash Mountain is back open as of Feb. 2 after being closed for nearly a month, and that will help make up for some other closures this month. As the official website of Walt Disney World shows, Cinderella’s Royal Table will also experience a short closure near the end of the month.

Magic Kingdom


  • The American Adventure: Jan. 16 – Feb. 15, 2018
  • The Circle of Life – Closing permanently after Feb. 3, 2018

Disney’s Animal Kingdom

  • Kali River Rapids: Jan. 2 – Feb. 10, 2018
  • Finding Nemo – The Musical: Feb. 4, 2018 – TBD

Disney’s Hollywood Studios

  • None listed for February 2018

Please note that dates are subject to change and can without any notice. These dates are officially listed on Walt Disney World’s refurbishment schedule and website, but that does not mean they can’t possibly change.

Every single month, there is a possibility that something will or could be closed at one of the Walt Disney World parks due to being under refurbishment. This downtime is absolutely necessary to keep things in proper working order and to make sure that guests always receive the best experience. For February of 2018, the list is rather short, but big-name attractions such as Pirates of the Caribbean are about to undergo a change.