‘Project Runway All Stars’ 2018 Recap: Episode 5 — Fashion’s New Superheroes

Pawel KaminskiLifetime

It was superhero night on Project Runway All Stars Season 6 tonight, as the designers were working to bring out the superheroes in their women. Friends became enemies in the episode, but who got eliminated on Project Runway All Stars 2018 tonight? Find out the Episode 5 results below in our Project Runway All Stars spoilers.

Last week on Project Runway All Stars Season 6, the designers took on an unconventional challenge. They were put to the task of creating a ball gown using actual balls. After gathering up their balls from a bounce house, they got to work. A lot of the designers struggled with the concept, as it was tough to create a look using only balls. Most of the designers were not happy with the balls they did get and wanted more of them to work with. In the end, it was Candice and Helen in the bottom two and the judges decided to send Candice home. Helen caused some drama on the runway, as she took some digs at the other designers in front of the judges. That should boil over into this week’s challenge.

The Challenge

For this challenge, the theme was superheroes. They had to create a elegant, high-fashion look that celebrated their woman’s superhero. They were each given an envelope, which represented a product from the makeup sponsor. Their woman had to have a secret power and incorporate the product into their design. They had one day for this challenge and a budget of $150, which was not much.

The Workroom

The designers met with the owner of the makeup products, as she helped give them a better understanding of what the products were. They designed their looks and then went out to Mood for some shopping. Back in the workroom, Amanda was struggling, as she had to start painting some of her fabric and work out a color-blocking pattern. Anthony was sick, so he wasn’t his normal happy self. Helen was loving the pleats on Ken’s look, and Merline said she wanted to lick his look.

Anne’s Critiques

Mentor Anne Fulenwilder came in for her critiques on Project Runway All Stars 2018. For Amanda, she told her to make sure the design in her head happens on the model. She does not think Anthony’s look was fashion forward. For Merline, she said she was getting Star Trek from the look. She loved Char’s look and thought she was on to something. She warned Helen to not go tacky by using the fabric she picked. For Ken, she said this was going to be one of her favorites from him. She said Fabio’s look was going “grandma.” Anne thought Edmond’s woman was going to be too covered up. She thought Joshua’s look was just lingerie and was not a complete look.

Sister Wives

There was a strong bond forming between Ken, Anthony, and Fabio. They called themselves the “sister wives without the husband, so just sisters.” Anthony and Ken recommended that Fabio stick with his pattern and dress, as they don’t feel like it is a “grandma” look.

Too Much To Do

The models on PR All Stars 2018 came in for their fitting and Amanda had nothing for hers to try on, as she was way behind on everything. Edmond had a cape for his look, which the other designers think was too literal for a superhero. Merline was parking herself in the sewing room, as she had a lot of work to do. The designers were stressed, as the day came to an end.

Judges’ Critiques

After the runway show, it was time for some feedback from tonight’s judges. The judges this week were Alyssa Milano, Georgina Chapman, Isaac Mizrahi, and guest judge Karolina Kurkova. The top and bottom looks for tonight came from Edmond, Amanda, Ken, Anthony, Merline, and Fabio.

  • Fabio – Georgina loved his choice in textiles and thought it was gorgeous. Karolina loved that it had pockets. Alyssa said innovative, yet still wearable.
  • Merline – Georgina said the proportions are not there. Karolina liked how clean and modern it was. Alyssa said she has seen her do this shoulder before. Isaac said the seaming was getting repetitive.
  • Anthony – Alyssa asked if he would make her this dress. Isaac couldn’t believe he achieved that neckline.
  • Amanda – Alyssa said there were a lot of lines going on at the top and not going together. Georgina said it felt weighty and kind of sad.
  • Ken – Georgina said she loved his outfit. Isaac wondered about the randomness of the bald cap. Alyssa liked that he went outside of his comfort zone.
  • Edmond – Isaac said he would not have shown that cape. Georgina said the dress did not feel fully resolved. Karolina said she did not like the fabric choice. Alyssa said the cape was her favorite part of it.


After the judges discussed the looks in more detail, the designers returned to the runway. The winning look tonight came from Fabio. The bottom two designers tonight were Merline and Amanda. In the end, it was Amanda eliminated tonight on Project Runway All Stars Season 6.

Project Runway All Stars 2018 airs on Thursday nights at 9/8c on Lifetime.