WWE Rumors: Ronda Rousey Turning Heel Before ‘WrestleMania 34’


The WWE Universe is still buzzing about Ronda Rousey’s shocking debut during the Royal Rumble event earlier this week. She’s been training for some time, but nothing is ever official until it’s featured on WWE television. Despite all the interest she created for the company heading into WrestleMania 34, many of her peers aren’t pleased with the way Rousey’s debut made the rest of the women’s division seem unimportant.

Ronda’s appearance at the Royal Rumble ruffled some feathers, but others are unhappy about her missing Monday Night Raw the next night. She is currently filming a movie right now in South America and could only get away for one night to appear on the PPV. It’s being reported that Rousey isn’t expected to return to WWE television until after the Elimination Chamber, which has a lot of fans unhappy about her schedule.

Despite all the complaints about Ronda Rousey’s WWE debut, there is no doubting the impact it had on the industry and WWE programming. It may seem like the women’s locker room and many fans didn’t like her first appearance for the company, but WWE officials could actually be behind those critiques. According to DirtySheets, the powers that be are not ruling out the idea of turning Rousey heel before WrestleMania 34.

Ronda Rouseys Debut Created A Ton of Buzz Heading into WrestleMania 34
'The WWE Universe is still buzzing about Ronda Rousey's debut.'Featured image credit: WWE

On paper, WWE officials are hoping for Ronda Rousey to be a polarizing figure in the same way that Brock Lesnar has been for the company. In that role, she wouldn’t have a solidified babyface or heel persona, but her dynamic with the audience would change from feud to feud. For instance, it’s been rumored that Ronda will face Charlotte at WrestleMania and Rousey can easily work as a heel against Flair’s babyface persona.

If the perception of Ronda Rousey continues to be negative and it influences her character on television, it could be logical for WWE officials to turn her heel before the grandest stage of them all. Rousey is expected to be the biggest female draw in the history of the company and that will lead to a major push. If the powers that be want to capitalize on her momentum, a huge heel turn for Ronda Rousey could be best for business.