New Main Street Theater In Magic Kingdom Project Reportedly Canceled By Disney

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In July of last year, Disney announced plans for a brand new live entertainment theater to be built right off of Main Street U.S.A. in Magic Kingdom, but that may be no more. The announcement was first made by Disney Parks Chairman Bob Chapek at the D23 Expo, and land clearing actually started back in October, but things have grown quiet since then. Now, there are rumors going around that the plans for the theater may have been canceled entirely.

There had never been an opening date revealed for the new theater, which was to be modeled after the Willis Theater in Kansas City as it looked in the ’20s. Still, permits were filed late last year and backstage areas along Main Street were being cleared to make way for the start of the construction and to get things rolling.

As reported by the Disney Parks Blog, this new theater would have been a location for guests to enjoy “world-class entertainment” in live fashion at Magic Kingdom. Now, those plans may end up being in jeopardy, or, at least, for what was happening right off of Main Street U.S.A.

According to WDW Magic, there is word going around internally that the construction project has been canceled “with immediate effect.”

The original permits for the theater were granted back in October and November of last year, and land clearing did take place in the backstage area between Main Street and Tomorrowland. Construction on the theater itself was slated to begin at any moment, but that has reportedly been pushed off and, now, canceled.

With the rumored cancellation of the live-entertainment theater, it is not yet known if the plans are to build it somewhere else or just scrap it entirely. There is the possibility that Disney could move away from the idea if they learned it simply wouldn’t work out.

Disney is also slated to soon begin work on the new TRON Lightcycyle Coaster in Tomorrowland, as permits were filed for it last year as well. In the image below, “MK2” is where TRON will go, and “MK1” is where the new theater was set to be built.

As of now, this should all be taken as rumor and speculation, as Disney has not commented on the matter. There are a number of projects going on right now at Walt Disney World, and this new theater inside of Magic Kingdom was set to be a big one. With talk of it being canceled, many will wonder if it is just delayed, going to a new location, or being done away with entirely. Hopefully, more will be known soon, but for now, the project is reportedly not happening.