‘Young And The Restless’ Spoilers: Recast Kyle Takes Over Jabot And Fires Jack

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The Young and the Restless spoilers for February sweeps reveal that Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman) is about to get a big helping of karma for how dirty he’s done his sister, Ashley Abbott (Eileen Davidson). Jack’s retribution comes in the form of his prodigal son, Kyle Abbott (formerly Lachlan Buchanan). The groundwork for Kyle’s return was laid weeks ago when the Jabot Board of Directors issued a vote of no confidence in Jack’s leadership. Now Kyle is back to push his agenda and take down his dad.

Kyle’s Recast Rumors Now Confirmed

Although there were Y&R rumors for months about a possible recast of the role of Kyle, Soap Opera Digest officially confirmed that the recast is coming. Several auditions leaked recently for a guy named Caleb who, according to insider sources, is the name CBS daytime used when scouting for a new Kyle. The latest Young and the Restless spoilers indicate that the soap has found its latest Abbott son and he’ll be in Genoa City very soon, perhaps even for February sweeps.

Recent Y&R spoilers from She Knows Soaps indicate that Jack expected Ashley to stick around Jabot after he shoved her out of the CEO chair, but she doesn’t want to play his games. Jack was further shocked when she defected over to Newman Enterprises to work for his nemesis, Victor Newman (Eric Braeden). Once Jack finds himself in a similar position, after he loses in an upcoming family confrontation, he’ll have nowhere to go, unlike Ashley who, at least, has options.

One actor that’s rumored to be in final consideration for the recast of Kyle is Norwegian actor Thor Knai, recently from DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.

The latest inside info also says that ex-Salem necktie killer Ben, aka Robert Scott Wilson, also read for recast Kyle.

Kyle Back To Make Jack Pay

It’s been a few years since Kyle was in Genoa City, but the proxy vote he sent to the board meeting was a shot across the bow to warn his father, Jack, that he was coming back with a purpose. Young and the Restless spoilers revealed at the time that Jack was overconfident that Kyle would vote with him and was stunned that his son broke the tie and he was slapped with a “vote of no confidence” in his leadership. The latest inside scoop says there’s much more to come on this storyline.

In the past, Kyle helped Jack play dirty to try and take down Victor with a plot to make “the mustache” look like a felon. Kyle knows just how bad Jack can be when he’s got a vendetta and decides the family business is not in good hands with his dad. Jack will be happy to see his son back in Genoa City, but it won’t be too long before he realizes that Kyle didn’t return to play nice. There’s also room for Kyle to pursue a love interest and there are some single ladies right now looking for some action.


Jack Kicked Out Of Jabot

The Young and the Restless spoilers for Kyle’s return promise that romance isn’t the first thing on his agenda, although other roles are being cast that could be a love interest for the Abbott heir. Kyle’s priority is the CEO spot at Jabot. Inside sources say that Kyle used his trust fund to buy himself into a position as the majority shareholder at the Abbott family business. Kyle then convinces the board that he’s much more stable than his dad, and they vote Kyle into the CEO seat.

However, it doesn’t appear that Jack will be working for his son. The Y&R spoilers from insider sources also say that Kyle doesn’t want his dad’s hand on the family business at all, because he’s proven untrustworthy, and so he fires him. That means that the two eldest Abbotts, both Jack, and Ashley, are out on their ears. Fortunately for Ashley, she was welcomed with open arms over at Newman, but what is Jack to do? He could focus on the foundation or scrounge for a job at Hamilton-Winters Group.

Are you excited to see Kyle’s recast coming to Y&R? What do you think about Jack’s coming slap of karma? Catch up on the latest YR scoop on Jack’s upcoming breakdown after everything falls apart, Melissa Claire Egan’s confirmed departure, Justin Hartley’s return for Chelsea and Adam’s final exit, and sparks fly between Victor and Ashley soon. Watch CBS daytime for the latest Y&R episodes and check back often for more The Young and the Restless spoilers and news.