Demi Lovato And Henry Cavill’s Instagram Behavior Has Fans Freaking Out Over A Potential Romance

JB Lacroix/Neilson BarnardGetty Images

When celebrities flirt with each other on social media, they have to try and fly under the radar as much as possible to avoid the rumor mill. Unfortunately for Henry Cavill and Demi Lovato, their recent activity on Instagram is causing quick the ruckus between Lovatics and Superman fans.

On Tuesday, Demi began following Henry on Instagram, after he followed her several days prior. It’s no big deal when two celebrities follow each other on social media, it happens every single day. It was Demi’s Instagram behavior after she started following him that has caused all this flirting speculation.

Immediately after following Henry, twenty-two seconds to be exact, Demi shared a photo of herself donning white lingerie, which is one of her most provocative posts to date. Just seconds after that, she liked two of Henry’s photos, which was documented by the Huffington Post. Both photos were posted back in December and showcased the Man of Steel actor practicing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. On Sunday, Demi shared her own photo with the same theme, showcasing her blue belt in the difficult martial art.

The conspicuous flirting didn’t end there though. Henry commented on Demi’s blue belt photo, but it’s unknown when this happened in the flirting timeline.

“This is awesome! Nice one Miss Lovato,” he commented with a thumbs up.

Speculation only heightened when Demi asked her Twitter followers yesterday if people still had Valentines. While some fans answered yes and asked Demi to be their own Valentine, others wondered if this was another hint about Henry.

There has been no news of a break up for Henry and his girlfriend Lucy Cork, but there also have been no updates on the duo since September of last year. The stuntwoman has not appeared on Henry’s personal Instagram since August 2017, but the Justice League actor is known to keep his private life, private.


News of Demi and Henry’s flirting is all speculation, but that hasn’t stopped fans from freaking out over the possibility of romance between the two. Lovatics have been tagging Henry in the comment section of Demi’s Instagram photos and adding heart emojis to the mix.

Henry’s Instagram comment section isn’t safe either as Demi is also being tagged on his personal page.

“Can he be your Nightingale,” one fan asked Demi, referencing her romantic song.

Neither party has commented on the recent rumors, but fans are definitely staying glued to Instagram to see who makes the next move if any.