‘Counting On’ Set To Premiere New Season Days After Joy-Anna Duggar’s Due Date

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Duggar fans have been waiting for what seems like forever for a new season of Counting On. With three new grandchildren on the way, there is plenty of excitement. Joy-Anna Duggar is due the soonest, with a roughly estimated due date of February 22. She married Austin Forsyth in May, and the two are reportedly expecting a honeymoon baby. The gender of the child has not been revealed to the public, but fans believe it will be a little girl.

Counting On will return on February 26, which is four days after Joy-Anna Duggar is due to give birth. There has been some talk about this being perfect timing for the network. With Jill Duggar reportedly not returning and the other grandchildren due later, Joy-Anna is going to draw in the ratings for TLC. Of course, the due date that is circulating around social media is based on a leaked baby registry. This isn’t a new tactic for the couple who leaked their wedding registry with a completely bogus date. According to In Touch Weekly, Duggar fans are on standby for when Joy-Anna actually does give birth. The baby watch countdown has officially begun.

TLC generally does a special show during each season, sometimes more than one. Counting On has featured weddings and the birth of the Duggar grandchildren as well. If Joy-Anna Duggar gives birth in time, the network can have the episode edited to go along with the new season. With all of the new babies due to arrive in 2018 and the announcement of a new courtship, there is plenty of material to keep the show running for at least a few more seasons.

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Rumors have swirled about this pregnancy since Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth announced they were expecting. Premarital sex has been thrown around, though it appears the baby was conceived while on their honeymoon. Duggar fans have been battling with critics over the allegations, but no comment has been made by the family. It has also been said that Duggar may have already given birth, but that is likely not the case. They generally sell the announcement to a publication for compensation. At this point, there have been no birth announcements from Joy-Anna Duggar or Austin Forsyth.