Mel B Unrecognizable In Bikini Photos: Former Spice Girl Accused Of Skin Bleaching

Richard Shotwell/InvisionAP Images

Mel B is hitting back at critics who say she’s skin bleaching. The former Spice Girl posted a photo of herself on Instagram Wednesday wearing a two-piece bikini, and she looked unrecognizable to a number of her fans as she stood among a rack of leopard-print dresses.

Mel B captioned the image, “Yes this is my spice shrine. Yes, I’m in a bikini. Yes I’m 42 and all my bling is @icelinkofficial.”

Two of her hashtags teased the possibility of a Spice Girls reunion when she added #Spicememories and #powerof5. She also added #loveyourbody, #notyourworth, #standproud, and #nowornever.

The singer shocked fans with the photos she shared of herself with lighter-looking skin than they’re used to seeing, and they weren’t bashful about their opinions.

“Is this airbrushed? Looking very light lol,” one remarked.

“Am I being thick here but is that her in the picture?” asked another.

“Why did you bleach your skin?????????” a confused user wrote.

“Bleached up your skin, and disrespected the very melanin that’s making you look so young. Sad foolishness,” someone ranted.

Mel B chimed in after reading some of the comments, writing, “Yes, and I do need a tan.”

Others defended the pop star’s pale appearance, citing the winter season as being the reason for her darker skin appearing a lighter shade than it normally is. Some flat-out believed there was no way Mel B would change her skin color because she’s proud of who she is. There was the obvious case made for lighting in the room that the singer was in as well. It was bright, and it shouldn’t be discounted that a lighter filter was used on the image before posting the snap on Instagram.

Overall, the Spice Girl received praise for the post, with admirers telling her how great she looked and that it didn’t matter whether she had a tan or not.

In a new photos posted on the Daily Mail, Mel B is seen in a more natural setting outdoors. She was seen in LA with her hairdresser wearing a stylish brown outfit with matching thigh-high boots. The tweet can be seen here. Going by the images here, the star’s skin isn’t nearly as light as it is in the bikini photos.

Hello reports that Mel B has never looked or felt better since splitting with ex-husband, Stephen Belafonte. Their divorce was finalized in December. According to the report, the two will share custody of their 6-year-old daughter, Madison.

The Sun reports that the Spice Girls are reportedly set to reunite on a Chinese television show to serve as judges in an X Factor-style talent search.