Sarah Jessica Parker Responds To Kim Cattrall Saying They Were Never Friends

Chris WeeksGetty Images

Sarah Jessica Parker appeared on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live last night, and a major talking point was the future of Sex and the City 3. Sarah’s bestie, Andy Cohen, kept the conversation alive by asking if he could be Kim Cattrall’s replacement in the third film.

Sarah joked that several other talk show hosts were in the running to replace Kim, including Ellen Degeneres and Stephen Colbert. After the friends reenacting a scene from the hit HBO series, where Andy portrayed Samantha, Sarah admitted Andy was the number one contender for the role.

Sharon Stone’s name has also been mentioned to replace Kim as Samantha if Sex and the City 3 indeed happens. Andy suggested the idea to Sarah, who admitted her name has already been brought up multiple times.

Things got a little more serious when Andy questioned how the franchise could move on without Kim and would they create a world where Samantha no longer existed. Basically, would they kill Samantha off-screen or opt to replace her? After some hesitation, Sarah replied that everyone needed to grieve over the recent events of Kim’s refusal to do the third film and her comments regarding the cast. As far as the story for Sex and the City 3, Sarah said she would leave that to the first two film’s director, Michael Patrick King.

The half-hour show concluded live on the air but continued online in the popular uninhibited Watch What Happens Live After Show. This where things became a little more personal for Sarah, as she and Andy discussed recent comments from Kim claiming she was never friends with Sarah, Kristin Davis or Cynthia Nixon during an interview with Piers Morgan (via Entertainment Tonight).

“[I felt] just heartbroken. That whole week… I found it really upsetting. That’s not the way I recall our experience.”

Sarah was clearly upset at Kim’s remarks, as she explained the many years they all spent together was so much more than a job, she described it as a “professional experience but it became personal.” She also seemed worried it would affect the fans view of the show and hoped everyone could look back at the series and movies and still appreciate it and love it for what it was.

The Divorce actress was saddened for a long time over the comments and admitted to spending a lot of time on the phone with Andy in the week following discussing her pain.

The fact that SATC3 is still being discussed and kept alive bodes well for its eventual production, although it has not been officially confirmed. Watch Sarah’s full comment on the matter below.