Terri Irwin Hasn’t Dated Since Death Of ‘Crocodile Hunter’ Steve Irwin, Says ‘Lovely Women’ Have Asked Her Out

Evan AgostiniAP Images

Terri Irwin revealed in an exclusive interview that she hasn’t dated since the death of her husband, Steve Irwin, over a decade ago. The 53-year-old Oregon native and former Crocodile Hunter star shared to People Magazine that she’s not looking for love but has had some “lovely women” ask her out in the last 11 years.

Irwin’s recent revelation debunks previous rumors that she had been dating The Mummy actor and Australian resident Russell Crowe, 53, according to the Daily Mail. People Magazine shared the interview with Terri Irwin on Wednesday and wrote that “staying single is perfectly fine” for the busy Australia Zoo owner, mom, and reality TV star.

According to Terri Irwin, she had actually already found her “happily ever after” in her lengthy marriage to late husband Steve Irwin. Terri revealed that she hasn’t even been on a date since she married Steve back in 1992, and she’s not planning to date anytime soon. Terri is quoted as saying that she’s “not personally” looking to find love again, adding that she’s currently “content.”

Terri adds that she has a “really full plate” right now with her “two beautiful kids,” Bindi, 19, and Robert, 14. Pop Culture also shared in October of 2017 that Terri Irwin, along with Bindi and Robert, will return to Animal Planet this fall with a new reality TV show that mirrors the premise behind the long-running and popular series The Crocodile Hunter — the Irwin family working with animals.

While the Irwins prepare for their upcoming new reality TV series, that’s supposed to be filmed at the Australia Zoo, dating isn’t a top priority for Terri Irwin, although, she did reveal that she’s had a “couple of lovely women” ask her out.

“In fact, it’s been so long, I’ve had a couple of lovely women ask me out because they figured that’s the case.”

A recent article on New Idea speculates that Terri Irwin hinted recently that she really is “ready to find love again,” despite saying otherwise in her recent interview. Thanks to a “cryptic post” on Twitter earlier this month, rumors suggest that getting back into the “dating pool” is allegedly a “key priority” for Terri this year.


Overall, comments on Terri Irwin’s #DatingSunday post understood that she was probably referring to her followers “looking for love,” not herself. However, one comment actually tagged @russellcrowe to “look.”

Bindi Irwin, who’s also been the subject of recent relationship rumors speculating that she’s engaged, as debunked by the Daily Mail, reportedly has encouraged Terri to “find someone nice.” Rumors even suggest that Bindi hinted to Terri to find “the right guy” through online dating.

While some reports suggest that Terri Irwin will return to the small screen on Super Bowl Sunday, as shown on ETOnline, the Irwin family’s new reality TV series is not listed on Animal Planet’s schedule for February 4. Terri Irwin, along with Bindi and Robert, recently visited The Today Show to share how excited they are to be following in Steve Irwin’s footsteps.

Terri Irwin reportedly plans to continue to fill her spare time with her late husband’s “passion” for conservation and not dating.