‘Pretty Little Liars’ Returns with High Ratings In Third Season

Pretty Little Liars has returned for a mid third season with strong numbers. The teen drama, which airs on ABC Family, has realized its biggest premier with 3.2 million viewers. The popular series returned with a 1.4 rating among viewers age 18-49.

The rest of this article may contain spoilers, so beware.

Pretty Little Liars star Lucy Hale took some time recently to compare her own personality with that of her character Aria, Hale explains that there are some similarities, while other traits have been more of a challenge to convey.

Hale highlights Aria’s sensitivity and her close relationships with her friends and family as something she can readily relate to. The challenge, as she related to Christian Science Monitor, has been portraying someone much younger than herself. She explained the difficulties she had relating to the character of Aria due to her age:

“I’m older in real life than Aria, so I guess the struggle with the character was just trying to keep her young and a little naive to life. Because I feel like Lucy is 23. I started the show when I was 20. I was just sort of keeping that bright-eyed, excited-about-the-world kind of thing. And obviously, I couldn’t relate to the situations that they’re going through. I’ve never had a friend pass away and I’ve never had someone try to ruin my life and reveal all my secrets. So, yeah, I guess that’s how I struggled.”

As the new season begins, the spoilers and rumors are everywhere. The following season three spoilers have been related by Spoilers Guide:

“‘A’ will use Aria’s latest Ezra secret against her.”

“Hanna could make a big mistake in placing some new trust in Mona.”

“Emily will uncover something new about Allison.”

“Spencer will quickly learn of Toby’s betrayal this season, someone close to her just might also be next in ‘betrayal’ line.”

The Pretty Little Liars television series is based on a series of 15 young-adult novels, the first which bears the same name as the series on TV. The series follows four teenaged girls who are being stalked by someone unknown. Author Sara Shepard released the first novel in the series in 2006, and is now working on the 16th book in the series according to Wikipedia.