Kim Kardashian West’s House Is Kid-Friendly Thanks To Axel Vervoordt Interiors, Her Instagram Profile Is Not

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Kim Kardashian West is apparently having a tough time with three kids in the house. The oldest among those, North West, is not even five. The youngest among them, Chicago, is merely a new-born baby. Kanye West’s wife has revealed how she has made her house kid-friendly. Meanwhile, her Instagram profile continues to be NSFW.

Kim has revealed that she is literally running with towels around the “all-white” house to keep it clean. The decision to have an “all-white” house comes after having an “all-gray” house earlier. Kim makes sure her kids have enough activities in the playroom so that they don’t have the energy to scribble on the walls outside.

According to the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star, having Axel Vervoordt interiors helps her keep the house kid-friendly, simply because the celebrity couple does not want to “baby-proof” the house. Instead, they want to have a house that does not need “baby-proofing.”

Kim Kardashian has told the Architectural Digest that Axel Vervoordt uses linen fabrics for furniture. Those are quite easy to clean. In addition, the pieces of furniture are all rounded, without any sharp edges. Even the tables are rounded, which apparently helps the mother of three.

Axel Vervoordt used a specific kind of Belgian plaster for the interior walls. So, Kim has every reason to get upset if kids spoil it with graffiti.

“At the end of the day, you just have to take a deep breath and figure it out.”

While Kim Kardashian is trying to keep her house kid-friendly like a responsible mother, her social media profiles remain risqué. In recent times, she has been sharing NSFW photos on Instagram. And, that’s too hot to handle for a number of her followers. They keep asking Kim to be a responsible mother and stop sharing such pics.

Kim Kardashian shared a topless pic on Instagram.
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Her bathroom selfies keep coming. In most of those pics, she is not making great efforts to cover her body. When she shared an 10-year-old pic showing her “Tape Trick” on the breasts, some people warned that they were going to report against her.

A couple of days back, Kim Kardashian shared a topless pic on Instagram. She managed to dodge Insta rules by blurring out the obvious. One of her followers believes the pic “is too much low” for her. Another follower pointed out that the pic was not kid-friendly.

“This isn’t appropriate for children following this account.”

Kim Kardashian, nevertheless, prefers to give “zero f**ks.”