Paul Marciano, Guess Co-Founder, Accused By Kate Upton Of Sexual Harassment

Nicholas HuntGetty Images

Another big-time personality, none other than fashion icon and Guess co-founder Paul Marciano, has been accused of sexual misconduct and inappropriate behavior. Kate Upton, former face of Guess, claimed in a #MeToo post that Marciano is guilty of sexual harassment and emotional abuse.

Upton, 25, initially hinted that she is also a victim of sexual harassment by a person in power when she shared a Twitter post containing the Me Too hashtag on Wednesday, according to CBS Detroit. Upton bared her frustrations that the 65-year-old Marciano is still with Guess despite his supposed sexual misconduct and inappropriate behavior.

“It’s disappointing that such an iconic women’s brand @GUESS is still empowering Paul Marciano as their creative director,” Upton wrote on Twitter with the Me Too hashtag.

After receiving comments saying Upton should provide proof and details about her accusation, the model responded on Instagram. Using a screencap of her controversial Twitter post, Upton said in the caption that Marciano “shouldn’t be allowed to use his power in the industry to sexually and emotionally harass women.”

While Upton didn’t directly say that Marciano sexually harassed her, using the Me Too hashtag meant she was a victim of a person in power.

The recently married Upton garnered some support from her husband, Justin Verlander. The Houston Astros pitcher showed support to Upton by retweeting his wife’s post, Fox News reported.

Upton’s accusation against Marciano got some mixed reactions. While many people congratulated Upton for her bravery, there were some who were skeptical about the allegations against the Guess icon.

One person, who claims to have worked with Marciano for a few years, commented on Upton’s tweet. Sade Sellers, an actress, confirmed what Upton is saying about Marciano. She also said she was afraid to say something at the time.

Another woman, who goes by Cari, claimed she used to work with Marciano and she personally knows someone who experienced sexual harassment while there. The commenter also thanked Upton for speaking out.

While a number of people showed support for Upton, some took the side of Marciano. One Twitter user said Upton should be ashamed for “throwing shade” on Marciano after the fashion icon made her a career.

Another person commented on Upton’s Instagram post saying he worked with Marciano for more than four years and that he knows Marciano as a professional and intelligent person with a big heart. The commenter, model agency owner Pablo Anton, said that Upton should’ve left her job with Guess at the time if she was indeed harassed by Marciano. He also accused Upton of being an attention seeker.

Others are saying Upton has no right to claim she is a victim of sexual harassment since she was “begging to be sexually harassed” while thee were some who called Upton out for telling her sexual harassment story only now when she could’ve spoken up before. One woman who seemed to doubt the model’s claims said Upton shouldn’t disrespect women who are victims of rape.

Marciano and Guess has yet to comment on the accusation.