Nicole Eggert Reportedly Plans To File Criminal Sexual Battery Report Against Scott Baio

Frederick M. BrownGetty Images

Former Charles in Charge actress Nicole Eggert is reportedly upping the ante regarding her sexual molestation allegations against her former co-star Scott Baio. Eggert and Baio acted side-by-side in the 1980s TV show, with Baio playing her family’s live-in housekeeper and babysitter to herself and her siblings.

Fast forward three decades to the #MeToo movement that has swept the United States, Hollywood in particular. On January 27, 46-year-old Nicole Eggert turned to Twitter to allege that she, too, had been the victim of sexual assault at the hands of her co-star Scott Baio while she was still just a 14-year-old child. According to the Baywatch alum’s tweet, folks should “ask Scott Baio” about what happened in his garage when she was a minor.

As TMZ reports, Eggert went on to describe, in detail, what she says that Scott Baio did to her over the course of years. Eggert told her story on Megyn Kelly’s show, claiming that Baio “penetrated me with his finger” in his car in his garage when she was just 14, leading to long-term abuse over the course of the filming of Charles in Charge, abuse that she claims resulted in sexual intercourse when she was only 17 years old. Scott Baio has vehemently denied all allegations of abuse and unwanted sexual contact, claiming to have only had sex with Eggert after her 18th birthday.

According to Eggert’s claims, Baio knew exactly what he was doing when he molested her as a young teen, and she alleges that the older star warned her not to tell anyone about the illegal sexual contact. In the past, Nicole Eggert had publicly claimed that she did not have sex with Scott Baio until the filming of Charles in Charge ended in 1990, and that the sex was consensual and legal. Now, the actress says she previously lied about the abuse she endured because she was “ashamed.”

Immediately following Eggert’s initial social media allegations of sexual abuse, Baio posted a Facebook Live video denying her claims. On Wednesday, Scott Baio appeared on Good Morning America to further refute the allegations against him. As New York Daily News reports, the actor was “at a loss for words” when confronted with the details of Nicole Eggert’s claim, stammering and throwing his hands up in the air before once again denying any sexual contact with Eggert as a minor.

“I have no idea what that means. I have no idea. So you can’t just keep making up different things.”

According to Scott Baio, Eggert’s sexual assault claims are “impossible,” because he never saw her off the set of Charles in Charge, and they were “supervised” at all times on the show’s set.

In the days since her allegations of childhood sexual abuse, Scott Baio has also told Nicole Eggert to stop bashing him on social media and file a police report if her claims were true. As Crime Online reports, Eggert now appears to be taking her former co-star and alleged abuser’s advice.

Leaving the NYC Peninsula Hotel on Wednesday, Eggert reportedly told a TMZ reporter that she is on her way back to Los Angeles, where the decades-old abuse allegedly took place, to file a police report for sexual battery. The actress claimed that she would be meeting with “a special unit that handles these kinds of cases” in order to get her allegations on the record.

“I’m headed to LA. I’m going to meet with a special unit that handles these kinds of cases. He [Baio] asked for it; that’s what we’re going to do.”

Nicole Eggert said of the police report that [Baio] “asked for it.” It is unknown if the former child star also plans on filing a civil lawsuit.