‘Destiny 2’ Roadmap Through May Detailed, Sandbox Change Info Dump Coming Soon


Bungie’s push to be extra-communicative with Destiny 2 players continued Wednesday with a surprisingly detailed graphic explaining what the studio has coming down the pipeline over the next few months. PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC Guardians can look forward to one major update per month through May, which also starts the shooter’s third season of content. The all-important sandbox discussion is about to get started as well.

The Destiny 2 development roadmap released by Bungie covers most of what was mentioned in a previous roadmap release but in a more digestible form with hard dates and some notable caveats. For example, there are some features that are considered stretch goals in each of the next three releases that may slip to a later update.

Perhaps even more interesting is the fact Bungie is going to dive into the details of the new features coming up for release starting Thursday, February 1, with sandbox changes. These aren’t coming until the 1.1.4 update scheduled for March 27, which lists Weapon and Ability changes while Exotic Weapon and Armor changes are stretch goals.

A common complaint among Destiny 2 players is the time it takes for ability energy to regenerate during PVE and PVP activities. This is partially why Bungie introduced Masterwork Weapons as a means for players to boost their Super ability regeneration, but this still leaves Grenade, Melee, and Class abilities.

The Destiny 2 Development Map of what players can expect through May 2018.
Featured image credit: Bungie

March appears to have the most impactful changes overall as it also includes Crucible Ammo and Gameplay Tuning plus Heroic Strike Modifiers and the introduction of Nightfall Challenge Cards, which was not previously mentioned. This may be the ability for players to select modifiers for the Nightfall to build on top of the Nightfall Strike Scoring addition coming in the February update.

It will be interesting to see what weapon changes Bungie has on tap to move Destiny 2 away from Auto Rifles being overly favored. However, it does not appear the developers have anything planned for player complaints about character movement yet.

The 1.2.0 update in May will signal the start of the third season of Destiny 2 and provides fans a date on when the rumored Gods of Mars expansion will be released. Bungie is tying the start of seasons with the release of DLC, so it appears May will see a return to the red planet despite rumors of a possible March launch.