Audrey Roloff Teaches The Value Of Patience, Shares Thoughts On Waiting

Audrey RoloffInstagram

Little People, Big World star Audrey Roloff wants you to wait. The 26-year-old reality TV actress shared a heart-warming message about the value of patience, which she admitted has been quite a difficult thing to do for people like her.

Audrey started her post with a simple question a lot of people would certainly relate to.

“Do you ever feel like you’re always waiting for something,” Audrey wrote on Instagram.

Roloff said that people often find themselves waiting for such non-trivial things as “direction, marriage, healing, provision, transformation, clarity, [and] redemption.”

“I’ve so often found myself waiting in line, wondering when I will finally get to enjoy the ride.”

Audrey said that she belongs to the generation in which instant gratification is a thing. She explained that waiting for anything has “become a rarity” these days that young people such as her are used to getting what they want when they want it.

There are different circumstances people are faced with the dilemma of waiting it out or changing course. Audrey enumerated some of those instances when people had to decide whether to wait or not. As the comments on her post indicate, a lot of people are going through such issues right now or have experienced them before.

“Waiting for that perfect job instead of just applying for another one, waiting for that promotion when it’s easier to just go somewhere else, waiting for Mr. Right when you could just date more Mr. Wrong’s, waiting for healing when you could give up the fight, saving yourself for marriage [when] you could so easily give in, the list goes on,” Audrey said.

As has been common with the emotional messages Audrey posts on social media, the Little People, Big World star shared what her faith is trying to tell her about the prospect of waiting.

Audrey quoted a verse from the Bible, Psalm 27:14, to help get her point across. The passage read, “Wait patiently for the Lord. Be brave and courageous. Yes, wait patiently for the Lord.”

Roloff said that she loves that the Bible looks at waiting or being patient as an act that is brave and courageous.

“Whatever you’re waiting for, don’t grow weary or lose heart! Your patience makes you BOLD and COURAGEOUS!”

Audrey also mentioned that she talked more about the virtue of waiting on Sadie Robertson’s Love Original blog. Like Audrey, Robertson is a reality TV star. She is part of the A&E show Duck Dynasty and has also appeared on Dancing with the Stars, as well as in a few films.

In her piece, entitled “Be Brave and Wait,” Audrey talked about a moment of clarity, which happened while she and Jeremy were at Disneyland. Audrey remembered how, while going around Disneyland with their fast passes, she suddenly sensed the Lord trying to tell her “there’s no such thing as a fast pass for life.”

Audrey said the moment led her to think of how important it is to be patient, not only with mundane things but also with her faith. She came to a realization that for joy to be more complete, one has to “faithfully and patiently” wait.

“Waiting takes faith, and faith is putting our hope in something unseen,” Audrey wrote on the blog.

While waiting for her turn to get in the rides at Disneyland, Audrey kept thinking about the times she missed a “ride” because of her impatience or because there was no “fast pass” available. Audrey took this as a sign that waiting is part of God’s plan.

“Stay in line, the ride will be worth it if you patiently [wait]. Trust me in the waiting.”

The emotional post got a lot of positive feedback from her followers. However, there are some who still thinks Audrey is shading her brother-in-law Jacob and his fiancée Isabel after the two recently announced their engagement, as the Hollywood Gossip reported.

In her defense, Audrey was probably talking about the virtue of waiting because of the article she wrote for Robertson’s blog and not because Jacob and Izzy are getting married at a relatively young age.