‘My 600-LB Life’ Liz Evans Pictures: See If The Chronically Ill Woman Can Lose Weight, Change Her Life


Liz Evans is one of the most dire patients ever to appear on My 600-LB Life, so fans of the show seem even more interested than usual in whether there are any weight-loss pictures of the dangerously obese woman.

Evans appeared on the January 31 episode of the TLC reality series, and was in desperate need of what would be life-saving surgery. By the time she has appeared on the show, Liz was suffering from deep depression and was forced to rely entirely on her mother, who is dealing with her own health issues. As Life & Style reported, Liz was suffering from severe lymhedema that had left her unable to even get out of bed on her own.

As Liz noted on the show, she suffered a leg deformation as a child that made it difficult for her to be active. She was then sexually molested by a family friend at a very young age, leading her down a dangerous path of food addiction and depression. Liz then underwent a series of surgeries to correct her leg deformity that left her even more immobilized, causing her to reach 250 pounds by the time she was just 13 years old.

Liz’s health continued to decline as her father suffered from drug addiction and then died, and her condition was so dire that she couldn’t even attend his funeral because she could not fit into a car.

The episode has generated quite a bit of interest in whether Liz Evans was able to lose weight. As the Daily Mail noted, she was almost completely unable to move or sit up when she started to see weight-loss experts, so there is quite a long way to go before she can move back to health.


Those looking for weight-loss pictures of Liz Evans after her My 600-LB Life appearance can check out TLC’s official page for the show, which generally includes some pictures along the patient’s weight journey. The show generally keeps any progress reports very close to the vest until the episode has aired, so fans hoping to see pictures of Liz will have to be patient.