‘RHOBH’ Star Lisa Vanderpump’s Dog Giggy Suffering Health Scare In Aspen

Richard ShotwellAP Images

It seems that the prized pup of RHOBH couple Lisa Vanderpump and Ken Todd, Giggy, was hit with some extreme altitude sickness and ended up in a puppy oxygen tank during a ski trip to Aspen. Lisa Vanderpump and Ken Todd are huge dog lovers and owners of a dog rescue who have suffered huge pet losses over the last year. Lisa Vanderpump is rarely seen without Giggy who has alopecia and frequently wears little doggy outfits.

Lisa Vanderpump Was Proactive With Giggy After The Loss Of Two Dogs In 2017

RHOBH star Lisa Vanderpump and Ken Todd lost two dogs, Pink Dog and Pikachu, in 2017, so nobody could blame them for being proactive and rushing Giggy to an Aspen veterinary hospital. Pink Dog was 6 and died suddenly of a heart attack, while Pikachu, 14, had Addison’s disease.

Since Pikachu had been ill for some time, his death was not a shock to Lisa Vanderpump and Ken Todd, but Pink Dog’s death really shook them. After Pink Dog had the heart attack, Vanderpump’s husband tried to give the dog CPR to no avail.

“Ken called Lisa at work and she could just hear him crying.”

The sudden loss of Pink Dog during the filming of RHOBH devastated Lisa Vanderpump.

“Lisa was hysterical and cuddled her dog, not believing she was dead.”

Lisa Vanderpump’s Dog Giggy Is On The Mend But Still Receiving Oxygen Therapy

Page Six says that Lisa Vanderpump’s dog is still getting oxygen therapy, but he’s at home on the mend after falling ill in Aspen. Vanderpump wanted to express her gratitude to the vet hospital in Aspen for helping Giggy out.

“Home now.. thank you to all the wonderful people at Aspen Animal hospital!”

Pandora Todd Vanderpump Sabo, the daughter of Lisa Vanderpump and Ken Todd, said that because Giggy is so small, the altitude change hit him hard.

“Giggy, as many dogs are, was affected by the altitude. Unbeknownst to us, he had a slight chest infection which exacerbated his symptoms.”

Altitude changes affect many people, so it’s not a shock that a two-pound dog can be dropped by the fluctuation.

Due To Giggy’s Illness, Lisa Vanderpump Cut Her Aspen Vacation Short

Us Magazine said that RHOBH stars Lisa Vanderpump and Ken Todd cut their ski vacation to Aspen short after Giggy got sick. Giggy’s illness was life-threatening, and the thought that Giggy could have died shocked the couple. On a recent episode of RHOBH, Ken Todd told Lisa Vanderpump that he loved Giggy so much that he wanted to clone the petite pup, so it’s natural that the couple decided to stop skiing and head home with Giggy in an oxygen tank.

“Wonderful time in Aspen, cut short as the gigster became unwell… Beautiful memories until then.”