'General Hospital' Spoilers: Kevin Takes Faison's Brain - Compares To Franco In Twisted Experiment

General Hospital spoilers for Thursday, February 1 reveal some pretty disturbing information about Dr. Kevin Collins (Jon Lindstrom). The GH shrink is writing a research paper called "The Psychology of a Psychopath: The Murderer's Mind Examined," and he told Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst) all about it. Liz recommended that he speak to Franco Baldwin (Roger Howarth) about participating. Franco tentatively agreed after much persuasion but tomorrow has reason to change his mind.

Scotty Warns Franco About Kevin

You can refresh yourself on Kevin's study in this GH recap from Soap Central and why Liz wants her fiancé to be part of the research. Liz is hoping that Kevin can prove a scientific and psychological link between Franco's tumor and his past crimes so that perhaps others will see him the way she does – cured and stable. On Thursday's episode, General Hospital spoilers from the latest promo video reveal that Scotty Baldwin (Kin Shriner) doesn't want his son involved with Kevin.

The promo shows Scotty telling Franco, "If you think you're crazy, you've got nothing on Kevin Collins." This is in response to Franco telling his dad about working with Kevin on his research to hopefully prove, once and for all, that he's worthy of Liz's love and can move beyond his troubled history. Scott doesn't like Franco letting Kevin peer into his psyche, and that's why he warns his son. But it's too late. Franco is committed, and Liz wants him to do it, so the deal is sealed.

Mad Scientist Kevin Gets A Brain!

Other General Hospital spoilers from the promo reveal that Kevin is at the morgue at GH and he's after a gruesome artifact. There were two deaths this week on the ABC soap – Nathan West (Ryan Paevey) and Cesar Faison (Anders Hove). Only one of these two men fits with the study Kevin is running, so guess whose body parts he wants? The guy at the morgue tells Kevin on the promo, "You've got what you came for" and hands over a large jar. Two guesses what's in it.
"If you think you're crazy, you've got nothing on Kevin Collins."
Kevin wants to study the brains of murderous psychopaths, and now he's got a fresh one in his hands. Dr. Collins has Faison's brain to study, but did he have permission to grab it? Surely, Liesl Obrecht (Kathleen Gati) and Britt Westbourne (Kelly Thiebaud) wouldn't mind. And as for Faison's other son, Peter August (Wes Ramsey), he'd likely find it ironic that Faison is finally getting some much-needed attention from a noted psychiatrist. Too bad it's a little late to cure the madman.

Franco Shocked By Faison's Brain

GH spoilers reveal that when Franco signed on for the study that he was reluctant, but Liz convinced him. Sitting and talking to Kevin is one thing but being lumped into a research project with international psycho killer Faison is quite another. On Thursday, General Hospital spoilers from Soap Central promise a timely interruption when an excited Kevin shows up at Kelly's and butts into Franco's conversation with his dad. Kevin wants to talk about their research project.

Scotty's not happy, and Franco also won't be when Kevin shares his exciting news that he snatched Faison's brain for the study. After his initial shock wears off, GH spoilers promise that Franco must acknowledge that Faison and serial killer Franco of the past shared some disturbingly similar homicidal tendencies and he'll stick with the study. Franco confides in Kevin his fears about being a psycho as a child before the tumor grew and tells him about shoving Drew Cain (Billy Miller) down the stairs.

This study could prove definitively that the tumor caused Franco's violence and clear his name - or it might lead somewhere darker and more disturbing. Catch up now on the latest GH scoop on the recast of Sonny's dad for sweeps, two weeks of spoilers, the upcoming death of Franco's mom, and Jonathan Jackson's rumored return as Lucky Spencer. Watch ABC every day for new episodes and check back often for the latest General Hospital spoilers and news.