‘Bold And The Beautiful’ Spoilers: Ashleigh Brewer Didn’t Say She Quit CBS Soap, No Exit Confirmation

'B&B' fans should take wait and see approach since the actress did not say she was leaving.

'B&B' fans should take wait and see approach since the actress did not say she was leaving.

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers reveal that there is no proof at all that Ashleigh Brewer is leaving her role as Ivy Forrester on B&B. Things have spun out of control after an interview the actress did with an Australian news outlet was taken out of context and misquoted. The original interview was with The Herald Sun, and while the headline read that Brewer “quit to focus on acting career,” nothing in the article supports this assertion. Neither CBS, Bold, or Brewer have confirmed or denied the claim, so it’s safe to say that this is likely much ado about nothing.

Brewer Did Not Confirm Soap Exit

The Herald Sun offered the salacious headline saying she quit and a few quotes as follows:

“I’m doing the acting thing in LA, onwards and upwards.”

“It’s definitely time for me and I’ve had Margot encouraging me for so long, just leave it and see what happens. So I’m throwing caution to the wind and keeping myself open to opportunities.”

“I’ve been doing soaps for 10 years now. It’s daunting but so exciting.”

In fact, Brewer never says she’s leaving the CBS soap nor confirms it by answering a question about leaving. An Italian soap site cautions fans not to believe the Herald Sun‘s headline and asserts that there is nothing to indicate Brewer is leaving the show.

TV Soap points out that neither CBS production nor the actress herself has said anything about Ashleigh Brewer leaving. Plus, the interview (if you can call less than 60 words an interview) did not present any explicit statement that she was quitting the show. The Italian site encouraged Bold fans that “in the absence of further confirmation,” CBS soap watchers should “assume that things will remain as they are now.”

Why Would Ashleigh Quit Bold?

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers also beg the question of why Ashleigh would quit B&B. She’s already pursuing her acting career, and the CBS soap isn’t standing in her way. Last year, Brewer was on less than 40 episodes of the soap, and on many occasions, these appearances were for just a minute or two. There hasn’t been a significant plot surrounding her character since Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) almost electrocuted her rival back in 2015.

Given the relative rarity of Ivy’s appearances, her limited work on B&B is likely not impacting her pursuing other projects. In fact, Brewer recently completed a TV movie co-starring Game of Thrones‘ Peter Dinklage and Fifty Shades of Grey‘s Jamie Dornan called My Dinner with Hervé. The film is about Hervé Villechaize, best known as Tattoo on Fantasy Island. Ashleigh plays the troubled actor’s wife, Camille Hagen. The film is set for a release on HBO sometime this year. Brewer also has another film that just wrapped late last year called At the Edge of Night.

No Confirmation, Just Speculation

All the soap sites have jumped on this Aussie interview with no confirmation from official sources. If you read the original article, Ashleigh Brewer never said she was leaving B&B. Plus, she’s clearly got plenty of time off the CBS soap to work on other things. Until Ashleigh or the network confirms, no fans of Ivy should panic. As of now, Brewer has been active on Instagram with no indication she’s left the show. Her Twitter is rarely updated, but there are also no indications there that she quit either.

There are several actors on B&B that come and go, including most of the Avants, Ivy, Justin, and others that show up when needed and pursue other interests when they don’t have scenes. Why would Ashleigh Brewer walk away from the occasional paycheck when the soap gig isn’t holding her back? Until an official source confirms, Brewer is still in the cast on the soap. Catch up on the latest Bold scoop for February sweeps, the rest of this week’s action, and Bill scheming to win Steffy by any means necessary. Watch CBS every day for new episodes and check back often for the latest The Bold and The Beautiful spoilers.