Disney Reportedly Closing In On New Name For Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Danny Cox

With all of the changes coming to Disney’s Hollywood Studios, it seems only fitting that the park gets a new name, and it seems as if the company may finally be closing in on one. It was announced a couple of years ago that the park would end up with its third name since coming into existence, but things have been rather quiet since that point. However, rumors are starting to swirl, and it seems as if Disney may have made their choice.

Right now, the park is under major construction, as two new lands and a new attraction are being built. Toy Story Land is opening this summer and Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is opening sometime in 2019. Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway does not have an official opening date yet, but work has already begun.

Back in 2015, Disney CEO Bob Iger officially announced that Disney’s Hollywood Studios would be getting a new name. As reported by the Orlando Sentinel, he did not say what the name would be or when the change was coming, but this was at least a start.

Last year, guests visiting Walt Disney World started received a survey asking them to rate their top three choices from a list of possible names for DHS. It now seems as if Disney is closing in on the new name for the park, and it was included in the list of choices.

disney's hollywood studios walt disney world name change cinemagine choice rumors
Featured image credit: Danny Cox

The list of choices was quite interesting, as some seemed possible while others were rather out of the ordinary.

  • Disney’s Hollywood Studios
  • Disney Kaleidoscope Park
  • Disney Storyverse Park
  • Disney Hyperia Park
  • Disney Beyond Park
  • Disney Cinemagic Park
  • Disney Legends Park
  • Disney XL Park
  • Disney Cinemagine Park

According to a thread on WDW Magic, Disney appears to be leaning toward one of those names as the final choice. Len Testa of Touring Plans even said that he has heard the company has settled on the new branding for Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

“I also hear that Disney has settled on ‘Disney Cinemagine Park’ for the DHS rename.”

The rest of the thread and numerous users on Twitter are not overly fond of the name due to the difficulty there is in saying it and spelling it.

disney's hollywood studios walt disney world name change cinemagine choice rumors
Featured image credit: Danny Cox

According to Orlando Weekly, Len Testa and Jim Hill both stated in the past that Disney was moving ahead with changing the park’s name to “Disney Hollywood Adventure.” Nothing has been said on that topic in a while and it now appears as if Testa has heard something different.

For now, Disney has not commented further on the idea of renaming Disney’s Hollywood Studios, but Bob Iger did let it slip that a change was coming. With the 50th anniversary of Walt Disney World taking place in 2021, it’s likely that the change would take place before that all kicked off. If the new name is indeed Disney Cinemagine Park, there could be a lot of confusion and frustration among fans of WDW.